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If you’ve read our recent newsletters and read on the Classes where/when page that our Tuesday Fitness Pilates classes on 4, 11, 18 & 25 June will be ‘Fresh-air Fitness Pilates classes’ and I know it’s short notice but thought that we’d make it at 7pm till 8pm rather than starting/waiting till 7.30pm so starting and finishing earlier and hope that’s ok.  So there’s not only a change of venue for our Fitness Pilates Tuesday classes is in Paties Road Recreation Grounds but also an earlier start/finish time. 

To help you with directions, I went out and a recky of the area for you from

1) Craiglockhart and also from 2) Colinton Road:

1) from Craiglockhart church, drive or walk towards the main road (Craiglockhart Ave) and go straight over onto Craiglockhart Drive South and keep going and when you come to the stone built gatehouse, then turn up sharp left (still on Craiglockhart Drive South)  It’s kind of a narrow street with woods on the left, houses on the right but just keep going until you come to the open recreation grounds on the right side – that’s it, that’s where we’ll be in there on the right side of the grounds next to the wooden fencing.


if coming from Craiglockhart, passing the Rec Grounds on the right, continue driving until you get to foodball pitch (on the right) and try and get a space in there OR continue and park at the Squash Sports Club.  There’s also parking in Elliot Road too (turn up Paties Rd and Elliot Rd is first left).

2) If coming from Colinton Road, turn down Paties Road which is first left past Merchiston School and opposite Redford Barracks.  The recreation grounds is straight ahead of you at the bottom of Paties Road and we’ll be on the right side of the grounds.

Parking: probably best to park in Elliot Road if you can which, if coming from Colinton, down Paties Rd, is the last opening on the right.

I hope that all makes sense but if you’re still not sure, email me or arrange to meet me and I’ll keep you right.  I hope that you’ll ALL join us outdoors – even if you come to other classes.

Tuesday 7pm ‘fresh air Fitness Pilates and stretch Paties Road Recreation Grounds on 4, 11, 18 + 25 June

An article in says that according to research, the over-65s are now one of the most physically active age groups in the UK, saying that 44% of over 65’s take part in sport 8 times/more in a month.  The next most active age group was those ages between 55-64 with 41% participating in sport or exercise.

If you’re looking for new recipe ideas (and a look through the online magazine), have a look at

Focus on choices you can make moment by moment or in your day rather than what you might do next month/year/in 5 years’ time.  If we focus on what’s under our immediate control, we can make incremental healthy choices throughout our day.  It all adds up.

I was reading a comment from a naturopath about the importance of balancing blood sugar and thought I’d pass on what she says about it: adequate blood sugar levels provide fuel to both the brain and body and when there’s an imbalance, we can experience a number of symptoms.  Energy can drop, especially in the late afternoon and we may find ourselves craving food that raise our blood sugar levels quickly.  Low blood sugar can also affect our mood negatively making us depressed or quick tempered.  Insulin is the main hormone which regulates blood sugar and if we skip meals or leave it too long in-between meals or eat too many sugary foods, then our bodies may either not respond to insulin or produce too much – both of which can cause weight gain and other health complications.

To help regulate blood sugar, firstly regular, moderate exercise is a great way to help regulate blood sugar levels.  She also advises not to skip meals but to eat at regular times and include protein (eg fish, meat, eggs, beans and lentils), complex carbohydrates (eg sweet potatoes, brown rice) and good fats (eg avocados) with meals.  Avoid foods that are high in sugar and processed starches but follow a low glycaemic diet (foods that release sugar slowly) and sprinkling some ground cinnamon (which is great at stabilizing blood sugar) on your porridge would be a great way to do this.

I love porridge with ground cinnamon, fruit, nuts + seeds

More clinical studies have suggested that: diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids may help to lower blood pressure in people who have hypertension (high blood pressure).  Foods containing omega-3 are – oily fish (salmon, trout, tuna and mackerel), nuts and seeds (chia seeds, flaxseeds, walnut and hemp seeds), some vegetables (broccoli, spinach, cauliflower) and some eggs.

Chia pudding using chia seeds = omega-3

May your day be full of magic and may you not be too busy to see it

Advance notice that the Royal Highland Show is on from 20-23 June and info/details at

Don’t know if you know but as from Sunday 5 May, the first Sunday in the month for 18 months, some roads will be closed from 12 noon- 5pm because of the new Open Streets project.  Most of the Royal Mile will be closed as well as the Grassmarket, Old Town and streets off.  To find out more, enter the following into your browser:

There’ll be various performances, guided walks etc happening too.

I look forward to seeing you this week for more fitness, fun, exercise/stretch options & variations while we’re working towards improving our flexibility, strength, posture and balance too. 

Remember to keep me updated with your health and fitness goals and achievements and any comments, thanks.

See you soon, take care


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