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Hi, how are you doing?  I hope that you’re well and staying as active and positive as you can.  Did you complete all of the 26 daily challenges last month?

Some of you got in touch to say you preferred the yoga videos or the sit ups best and weren’t fussed for the gliding disc ones – fair enough, good to know and great to get your feedback.  Just a mix up of exercises, challenges and use of some equipment to challenge our core muscles.

I’m sure that you read/heard last week on the news that gyms, swimming pools and indoor sports courts may re-open on 14 September in Scotland, and that Nicola Sturgeon said she’ll review this decision in 3 weeks to see if the date could be brought forward to late August. 

With gyms etc re-opening soon, I’m sure that for us, that’d mean we’d get some notification of when we can start to exercise together indoors again and when I can hire our church halls again.  When I find out, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who emailed me back about the possibility of us initially starting outdoor classes weather-permitting.  I know that most schools in Scotland go back next week but am thinking that we could start up our outdoor classes the following week ie the week of 18/19 Aug.  If ok with you, we could start with a couple of 9.30am classes say on Wednesday (19th) and Friday (21/8) mornings and follow the same format that we did before (ie general fitness on a Wednesday and fitness yoga on a Friday). 

We could also get together for an early afternoon or evening class or two and again, maybe a Tuesday and Thursday as before.  Times for the afternoon/early evening classes could vary eg 2pm (if kids at school and prior to pick up) or around tea time or maybe 6.30pm and we’d be ‘done’ by 7.30pm.  Have a think now and get back to me with preferences – you’ll see some questions below which I’d love it if you could email me back about, thanks.

I’m easy re times but it’s what’s best for you and work/family commitments.

I can’t wait to get something organised though – can you tell?

All classes would be weather dependant and IF we decided on ie a Wednesday morning and we found out in advance that the weather was to be better on another morning that week, we could be flexible (are we talking stretchy, bendy and yoga again?), we could re-schedule and similarly with the pm/evening classes. 

We could do our fresh air, outdoor sessions on a just turnup basis or if you prefer and would feel more comfortable, let me know in advance if you’re definitely coming and we can plan to have X number of people in each class.

So it would help me greatly if you could email me and let me know…..

  1. If 1 or 2 morning classes at 9.30am would be good for you
  • If an afternoon or early evening class/classes would be good instead/as well
  • How you feel about exercising with us on a just-turn-up basis or fixed definite restricted numbers?  Going by the Tuesday evening classes we did outdoors in Paties Road Recreation Grounds last June, there were probably no more than 8 or 10 max in any session anyway.
  • Would you be happy if we re-scheduled (with a bit of notice by email) any session to another day if, looking at the weather forecast, we found out that the weather was to be better another day that particular week?
  • If you’re happy to start exercising outdoors in 2 weeks time ie week of 18/19 Aug or would you prefer to hang off another week?
  • a) or would you prefer to wait until we get official word and we can exercise in our church halls again?  b) If so, would you come back and join us?  And c) if yes, are you happy to join us as soon as poss?

Wow, hang on there I here you say.  Phew, so many questions, so much to consider and think about and questions to be answered too (hopefully) please get in touch, thanks.

Obviously when the time comes that we can safely exercise indoors again, I’ll need to book the halls, sign the Leases, put the dates and info on my Classes where/when page on my website and email you and let you know through our weekly newsletters.  Again… phew.

I don’t know about you (well I do, coz some of you have told me) but unless there’s a fixed schedule or plan of classes on a certain day and at a certain time, then motivation to exercise, especially on our own, kind-of goes by the wayside and all that fitness, strength and flexibility that we built up and worked for has slipped a bit, or a lot in my case!

It’s probably a different matter if you’ve stayed on track, walked every day or you got back to playing golf or tennis again and you’ve kept yourself active and fit and if so, well done.

To change the subject, here’s a funny for you:

I’m going to write a book about hurricanes and tornados but at the moment, it’s just a draft.

Oh and I’ve now uploaded quite a few posts on my newly updated Instagram (IG) account.  I’ve posted exercise photos and quotes with captions (which are copy/text/type) and added hashtags too and thought I’d let you see what I’ve done so far (scroll down, see below). 

I’ve created a lot more which have still to be posted and will continue to post regularly.  I hope that, if haven’t signed up yet, you’ll go to, create a personal account then type in complementaryfitness and Follow me.  It’s easy really and I’m sure you’ll come across other accounts you want to follow too but please Follow me.  It’d be great if you’d comment on individual posts as well as like them (like by double clicking on a post). 

Easy peasey lemon squeezy.

You’ll see that one of my posts is a class comment and I’d be really grateful to receive some more comments that I can in another/future post.  So if you’re not ‘on’ IG or don’t want to sign up for an account, could you still email me a short tiny comment? even just a few words or a sentence would be fab.  I don’t need to put a name to the comment at all but if you’re happy to, I can add initials or even a first name but no pressure.

Here’s a photo of my first 15 posts so far, let me know what you think.


Take care and I hope that you have a great day/week

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