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Complementary Fitness 29 June News + video

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Well that’s us almost into the second half of 2020 – time flies but sometimes, not that fast.

I have however today, gained another candle on my cake and it’s very much a fire hazard and has been for a looooonnnnngggg time!!  

We’re eventually finding out about restriction easing; what’s open and what still isn’t.  At least when we’re out for a walk, we can head to a café for a take away coffee/tea which is something.  Although toilets aren’t open unless you walk into town where toilets are open in Waverley Station, woo hoo and chuff chuff. 

If you’re heading to Saughton Gardens, the bistro is open too for takeaways too and the gardens are so lovely (but again, no toilets).

I haven’t done one of my own wee videos for a couple of weeks but had included links to others instead. However, here’s a 5 minute core back & abs strengthening video to add in to your routine. As I say in the video, do a warm up first, get your mat ready and on the floor, hydrate and work out with me. I also thought we’d do a bit of a challenge for July and hopefully, you’ll join me (and let me know how you get on). You can start with this video (below) for now then on Mon 7 July and for every day in July, let’s do a Core Challenge, yay. Again, videos will just be 10 minutes or so but we’ll work on strengthening our muscles. Let me know though if you’re up for the challenge and you can let me know how you’re getting on/if you are doing it daily or every 2nd day or when ever is best for you – maybe in the morning first thing? Let me know. Here’s the link to this week’s video though

As you now, I’ve used a lot of my time ‘off’ to do some online health courses and am currently doing an online 6 week Instagram course.  I had signed up to Instagram but didn’t really know much about it or what I was doing tbh.  So, I’ve completed week 1 and currently working my way through week 2 and ‘getting there’ and learning a lot.

When signing up, the tutor said each week’s programme (which can include 11 lessons), should take you 2-3 hours work a week.  Emmmmmm nooooo, it’s taken me that a day! 

Coz it’s all new and different to me, I don’t like to miss anything.  I don’t like to feel that I’m being ‘left behind’ so instead of just listening to the short-ish lesson videos, I stop and type out notes then re-start and repeat till the end.  No wonder it takes me forever but that’s just me.  Even learning about my Bio and what to put in it, took me ages as I had to be under 150 characters but try and say exactly what I do.  So, it’s early days and my IG account only has 9 followers (aw but thanks if you’re one of them), some photos but I’ll be adding more and more photos and posts as time goes on.  I do make things difficult for myself!!

Anyway, I hope that you’ll sign up to Instagram and maybe create your own personal or business account (if you don’t already have one) and please Follow me.  You can find me at

Over the last few months, as you know, some online shopping businesses have thrived – (you know the one I mean which is just over the Bridge) and others, like mine, have had to stop, for now.  I hope that you know that I’m optimistic and can’t wait for us to be working out and exercising again together soon though.

It’s such a shame that some people have lost their jobs, businesses have folded and all of this has really impacted our economy and way of life.  But, nothing else for it: we’ve got to go with the flow, adapt, recover and plan for the future and that’s what I’m doing and sure that you are too.

Our fitness and particularly our mental wellbeing can be boosted by taking daily or regular exercise and brisk walking is a great way to get out and get your daily steps in.  When we exercise, we create endorphins – those brain chemicals that help us to feel good and more positive. 

We can also support an active lifestyle by choosing nutritious, good quality foods and drinks that are rich in polyphenols which support blood vessel function eg dark green leafy veg, colourful fruits & vegetables, tea and a small amount of dark chocolate – yesss.

Remember to drink enough fluids too and not just when exercising, in the warm/hot weather but aim to consume 8-10 glasses of fluids a day.  As I’ve said before, you could fill a jug of water (maybe one of those filtered ones) and add a few slices of lemon, orange, lime or cucumber to it or top up your glass or bottle with a squeeze of fresh lemon/orange etc and enjoy.  It’s important to stay hydrated to maintain clarity and focus and also keep the joints lubricated as a lack of fluid can lead to damaged cartilage and irritation to the joints.

If you don’t like cold drinks, opt for refreshing peppermint tea or other herbal or fruit teas, cheers.

Do you love smoothies as much as I do?  I think they’re so quick and convenient as well as great for breakfast and keeps you going until lunchtime as they also contain the fibre which is missing from juices.

There are 5 steps to creating the perfect smoothie using different fruits and veggies.

1)         start with your base: you could use a plant based milk or coconut water

2)        Add in 1 or 2 handfuls of leafy greens eg kale, spinach, lettuce, pea shoots (I say pea shoots coz I’ve been growing some hydroponically)

3)         then add in some healthy fats to keep your blood sugar levels balanced.  I like to use half an avocado or some almond or peanut butter or maybe some coconut yoghurt

4)         next add in either fresh or frozen fruit (yep you can add frozen banana, rasps etc which makes the smoothie nice and creamy).  Fresh/frozen cherries or blueberries are great too.

5)         Lastly, for extra protein/nutrition, you could add in some hemp, chia or flax seeds, ground cinnamon, supergreens powder and/or some protein powder.  I’ve also bought some concentrated beetroot juice (from H&B) and love adding this and some cacao powder in to my smoothies too.

Oh and if you’re thinking of having a smoothie in the evening, you could add some porridge oats, some nut butter and banana which will hopefully help you get a good night’s sleep.

Mix up your variations and let me know if you like smoothies and what you put in your’s and maybe even send me a photo.

Are you finding it easier or more difficult to sleep at the moment due to worry?  A lot of us have been more anxious as a result of this Covid-19 pandemic and as a result, find it difficult to sleep.  I’ve read that if you keep a potted aloe vera plant beside your bed, it could help you sleep because it produces oxygen at night which could help combat insomnia and may improve overall sleep quality.  They also look really nice too – although, hopefully you’ll be asleep and that you just look at it during the day!

aloe plant

Remember to please keep me updated as I love hearing your news and stay fit, flexible, strong, well, relaxed and positive.

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