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Summer FITNESS & LIFESTYLE info, news & updates…

I got a lovely email after last Thursday’s Fitness Yoga class and (with permission), I thought I’d share it with you:

“Thanks for a wonderful class tonight.   Not that they aren’t all wonderful!!  Really hard work tonight which was great.  Thanks for keeping it fresh by changing it every week” (MW)

Many yoga poses are great for strengthening and stretching many parts of your body (incl your arms, legs, back and shoulders) and engage so many muscles and also energize the entire body promoting proper respiration and circulation.

Stretch and strengthen your mind and body in our classes and let me know how you feel/how you get on.

Edinburgh really is festival city:  months ago, we had the Science Festival and recently had the Highland Show & the Jazz & Blues Festival has just finished.

The Edinburgh Art Festival starts this week (25/7 – 25/8) and It’s almost ‘time’* for Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh Tattoo, the Book Festival and the Fringe as well as Foodies Festival which is on at Inverleith Park 2-4 August (info 

You can check out all start/finish August dates and details at

* Talking of ‘time’ above, I thought I’d take a photo of the flower clock in Princes Street Gardens which is always impressive as are the gardens and all the wild flowers around the city too.

Well, as you know, we’ve had some really hot and warm/sticky days and evenings and at the weekend, we had some heavy downpours too!  I usually eat more porridge in the autumn and winter months but on Saturday, thought I’d make myself a bowl for breakfast and added some toppings to it: ½ a ripe peach, some dried prunes, walnut halves, hemp seeds, bee pollen and dried raspberry flakes – all delicious and nutritious and filled me up till lunchtime.

porridge with seeds + fruits

Then … in the morning, we went out and got a few odds and ends incl lovely fresh tomatoes and a couple of those long red peppers and I then decided to make tomato, red pepper and coconut soup for lunch.  It’s sooo easy as you roast the tomatoes and chopped up red peppers in a roasting tin with some oil (I used coconut oil) and you can add garlic cloves as well for about 30 mins.  When cooked, the veg and oil went into a blender with a tin of coconut milk and I added 1T of nutritional yeast flakes and some fresh basil leaves too and blitzed it up.  Season to taste and enjoy.

red pepper, tomato + coconut soup with seeds for more protein

Another quote for you:

‘I would rather feel uncomfortable pushing for better than feel uncomfortable settling for less’

A blog title caught my eye the other day which was entitled: ‘7 foods you must eat if you want a flat belly’ (do these titles always catch your eye and you just have to click on it to find out what the 7 foods are?  Ha, me too).  Anyway, turns out the top 7 foods are:

EGGS – each one contains around 7g of protein which is great for recovery, muscle and skin repair and eggs/protein keep us feeling fuller for longer

also on the list was: SWEET POTATO containing complex carbs, fibre and vitamin A.

Up your chlorophyll-rich greens by adding SPINACH and/or KALE into your diet as they’re packed with nutrients.  You can have them in salads, stir fry’s or add into smoothies.

Add: antioxidant and protein-rich CHIA SEEDS by sprinkling them over yoghurt, porridge or make chia puddings ‘the night before’ and have one for breakfast.

chia pudding, seeds + berries

ALMONDS are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, vit E, fibre and protein and if you’re feeling peckish mid-morning or afternoon, enjoy a handful of almonds which will tide you over till your next meal – and you don’t get the same sugar rush or ups and downs that you might get with a bar of chocolate.

We all know that BERRIES have high antioxidant levels and are packed with vitamins and who doesn’t love fresh raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries etc in season?  Yum and delicious in smoothies, over yoghurt, on top of porridge and in chia puddings.

Lastly, OATS (as I’ve mentioned above) which have been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol levels as well as helping to regular blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity.  Anyone for porridge now with berries, almonds and chia seeds or a chia pudding with berries or a sweet potato or omelette and green salad?

I’d like to hear from you so please give me any feedback about our classes, how you’re getting on, your diet and lifestyle, where you’re going on holiday, if you’ve got anything to share with us here ie interesting articles or tips, thanks.

All classes are on right through the summer so hope to see you in as many classes as you can make.

I look forward to seeing you this week for more summer fitness, fun, exercise/stretch options & variations while we’re working towards improving our flexibility, strength, posture and balance too. 


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