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Complementary Fitness 28 March Newsletter

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Big news: woo hoo, MY BRAND NEW WEBSITE IS NOW LIVE and I hope that you like the fresh approach.    You can view it on a mobile phone but it’s best on a laptop.  It’s still but it’s got a different look.  Rather than clicking on various tabs at the top of the current site, it’s a scroll down one with info on classes, how to attend (info for new people), a class video, what class participants say and continuing to scroll down, there’s a ‘send a message to Susan’ box that you can use to email me if you want to join a class, send me a comment or feedback.  In fact, I’d really, really love you to send me a short one sentence comment that I can use to frequently update that section so that others can see.  I don’t need to add your full name, or even your first name (but can if you give me permission).  Your initials would help or I can even just say comment was ‘from anonymous’,   ‘from a class participant’  or ‘from a fitness Pilates class participant’.

I’d like to keep my new website up-to-date and would really (again) appreciate regular feedback to keep it fresh as I say.

Oh and below the ‘Send a Message’ section, you’ll see the Social Media Channels with the very latest updates.  I think that the only social media channel not on there is my Complementary Fitness Pinterest page but feel free to follow me if you’re on Pinterest.

Further down, there’s a ‘Sign up to our Newsletters’ section then the latest newsletter that you can click ‘Read More’ (of) and Stay Connected social media icons to click on.

Lastly there’s a View Archive and Link to Archive button for previous newsletters and I’m hoping that all of our Articles will be in the View Archive section soon too – or a separate one.

Let me know what you think of the new site.

Woo hoo, it’s the last week of March and we’ll be into April this week too.  Not that I want time to go any faster than it does!  But I’m so looking forward to sunshine, light, warmth and being able to have coffee or lunch outside in the garden.

It’s officially British Summer Time now too so it’ll be lighter for longer in the evenings, fab.


I read this and thought I’d share these 3 morning rituals with you to reset intentions each morning and energize body and mind:

1) Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

Add some freshly squeezed lemon juice into a glass of water first thing in the morning (or 1T apple cider vinegar).  Lemons are a digestive bitter – a digestive bitter is an herb, vegetable or a fruit that promotes digestion by stimulating the production of enzymes that break down food.  So fresh lemon juice helps the body absorb vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients from meals, releasing all the potential energy they contain.

I’ve heard that squeezing a lemon wedge into your first glass of water in the morning has been shown to be a mood booster too as the sour punch has a sweet psychological aftertaste.

2) Morning Meditation

Meditation is an invaluable resource and it’s free and easy.  If you want to give it a try, here’s a very simple meditation you can do each morning:

Sit in a comfy chair or on a cushion on the floor and keep your back as straight as possible, without straining.  Take a deep breath or two, and then close your eyes.

Notice your breath.  Place light attention on it as you breathe naturally, in and out of your nose.  You may want to focus on the space just underneath your nose, where the air enters and leaves your body.

Allow your thoughts to flow as they do but don’t try to control them or to “empty your mind.”

But don’t get too involved with your thoughts either.  Don’t chase after them, don’t push them away but just let them pass through your mind, while you keep your attention on your breath.

If you lose track of your breath, that’s ok too. When you notice you’ve forgotten about your breath, just gently return your relaxed attention back to it.

Try this practice for 5-20 minutes and then see how you feel.

  1. Stretch

Some basic stretches can make a huge difference to the day.

Try some shoulder circles, some shoulder shrugs up and down, maybe stretch and release any tension from the neck by bringing your ear down towards that shoulder and feel the stretch and bring the head back up to neutral/centre again and repeat on the other side.  Try some side bends with your arms by your sides reach the arm down the side of the leg while shortening the waist on that side (ie ribs and hips closer together) and lengthening the other side.  Again come back up to neutral position and side bend on the other side and repeat a few times.

You’ll know that in our fitness Pilates/fitness yoga classes, we often start with/incorporate at some point, the ‘wrapping the arms round the body’ as we rotate and look over one shoulder then the other – it’s great for easing tension in the low back.  Maybe once you’re warmed up, do a few roll downs and back up again too.

These incredibly simple movements help to get your blood flowing and also the release of endorphins into the bloodstream which boost feelings of wellbeing, calm and empathy.

At the other end of the day, I’m a go to bed early (and love to sleep) and get up early in the morning person.  Did you know that the body has it’s own renewal system?  It’s called sleep and the more we respect it and give it 7-8 hours of sleep a night, the slower the aging clock will tick.  There’s lots of research ‘out there’ about the benefits of sleep and how it’s sooo important to our health both physically and mentally.

We’ve talked before about the amazing health and wellbeing benefits of exercise and movement and I saw a tweet (@DrFrankLipman) and wanted to share it with you: ‘Regular exercise found to boost numbers of key stem cells that keep muscles young and healthy and help protect against age-related muscle decline’.

We definitely want to stay as young and healthy physically and mentally for as long as we can.

Read more at Lifelong exercise found to preserve stem cell counts in aging muscles (

Edinburgh Science Festival is on 9-24 April and you can find out info and details at

Homepage – Edinburgh Science (


A lot of you will know that I love Sweaty Betty clothing & yoga mats but I’ve also bought a couple of zip up fleece/exercise tops from Go Outdoors (  They’re at Unit D, 65 West Harbour Road, Granton, EH5 1PW.  Apart from women’s, men’s & kids fitness & outdoor clothing and footwear, they also have camping, fishing, skiing, climbing equipment.


A funny: A film is being made about composers: Sylvester Stallone said he’d play Tchaikovsky, Bruce Willis said he’d play Beethoven and Arnie says I’m not doing it!


  • if you have any news, anything you’d like to share ie whether it’s local news, ideas, comments, recipes etc, let me know and I’ll let everyone know. I’m always on the hunt for things to add into our weekly newsletter.  As above, please regularly send me class comments & feedback (eg if the class has benefitted you, that a fitness yoga evening class helps you sleep, that you have more energy…. etc), then please email me directly or through my website and I’ll continually update the ‘what class participants say’ section of my new website, thank you.
  • that you can email me for a space in any class and/or just turn up, there’ll be space for you. We’re never 100% full with no spaces left.
  • to still wear a face covering when entering & leaving the church halls and please think about doing lateral flow tests before classes, thanks.
  • please follow me on Instagram @complementaryfitness & on my @complementaryfitness Facebook page too for updates, photos, mini videos etc. On Pinterest, I’m @SusanCockburn

As always, I look forward to seeing you this week and to us working out together.  It’s not the same without you.

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