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Complementary Fitness 27 Sept News

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Welcome to this week’s news & updates:

We’re finally back in Craiglockhart Church Large Hall this week ie on Tuesday 28 Sept for our Fitness Pilates class at 7.30pm and I can’t wait to see you.

As you know, our Thursday 7pm Fitness Pilates/Yoga class started back last week and we’re in Dreghorn Loan Hall (DLH).  It was soooo good to be back and to see you again and work out with you.

Remember that for each indoor DLH or Craiglockhart Church class, please let me know in advance if you’re coming and I will add you to either class list so that your space is guaranteed.

I’m required to take pre-bookings for every class so I know how many are coming and to allow as much physical distancing as we can.

Please also remember to wear a face covering when entering and leaving church halls and also when/if moving around the hall ie moving from hall to toilets and back.  We don’t need to wear a face covering while exercising.

Please pay for classes using contactless on my card machine and you can also bank transfer the money to my account too – I can give you my sort code & bank details.  Or £5 cash but card/bank transfer preferred.

Please also ensure that you return your completed Booking Checklist to me electronically if you’re attending indoor classes.

If you didn’t get the recent email with the Checklist as an attachment, please let me know.  You can easily download the Booking form from my website, it’s on the Forms page as a pdf.  Please download this pdf version as it’s on one page, fill in and return to me.

Downloads / Forms – Complementary Fitness

If you download from the pdf as above, but have difficulty forwarding it to me, please still download, print off, fill in and bring with you to class.

If you’d still like to join our indoor classes as above, but don’t have access to a printer, please let me know as I’ll bring a few spare Booking Forms with me to class for you to fill in yours.

A big THANK YOU very much to Paties Road Recreation Grounds – you’ve been great and we really appreciate you ‘being there’ for us and allowing us the time and space, the sunshine (well, most of the time) and the opportunity we’ve had to exercise together in all of our ‘outdoor/outdoor’ classes over the last X number of weeks and months.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

Well, we could but, nevertheless, the lovely open green space venue has been wonderful and so handy and near for us.  No doubt we’ll see you again.

We’re just back from our family annual weekend to a lodge near Kenmore and it was lovely.  It’s so peaceful and relaxing there.  We all did that lovely walk up to Pine Cone Point, Dunkeld again and the walk was amazing and views spectacular.

We’ve only got one more long weekend booked later in the year which is in Northumberland with friends.  We also enjoyed a long weekend in Northumberland a couple of months ago.  Where’s the year going eh?  It’s steaming along and on Friday, we’ll be into October already!

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s newsletter

I look forward to hearing from you and also seeing you in Craiglockhart Church, Thistle Padel Court and Dreghorn Loan Hall this week.

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See you soon

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