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Complementary Fitness 27 July news + video link

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Welcome to this week’s newsletter. Wow 27 July.. how did that happen? 

What?  … It’s already week 4 of our daily Core Challenge and I hope that you’ve enjoyed the videos so far and enjoy this week’s ones too up until Friday 31 July.

If you’ve been doing them, how do you feel?  Do you notice a difference in your abdominal and back muscles?  Which ones have been your favourite or liked more than others? 

Last week I also added a new video onto my youtube channel for everyone to view and work out along with me. 

Here’s the link:

If this had been a ‘normal year, I’d have been looking forward to going to some Fringe shows and wandering around the town like a tourist, enjoying the fun but not to be this year.

We’ve all had to adapt, change and go with the flow but at least we can book a holiday, a weekend away or go out for coffees, lunch, dinner, get our hair or nails done and even get a tattoo done too – I think I’ll pass.

Last week I got an email from my exercise and insurance governing body with guidelines for indoor exercise in England saying that lockdown restrictions would be lifted and fitness facilities would open on 25 July.  However, the guidance and guidelines they state are for managed facilities ie gyms, not for instructors like myself who hire a local hall.  

Just to give you some indication of expectations of how gyms and similar facilities will operate in England: Government guidance specifies a max total occupancy of a venue is based on a floor area of 9sqm (square metres) per person. 

It states further that for classes involving movement, there should be 2m social distancing between people although 3m is advised. 

Risk assessments would have be carried out, venues must have a one-way traffic flow system in place and ventilation, fresh air and handwashing are important issues.

Easing of restrictions, again in England, has meant that from 16 July, outdoor classes of 1 instructor and up to 29 people can exercise as a class.

Anyway, these are the guidelines for England and I’ve still to hear about Scotland and how and when we can exercise together as a group again.

When I go to the website for guidance in Scotland, there’s the usual staying safe and social distancing info and when it comes to businesses and self employment, it just mentions the Income Support Scheme, nothing relevant to us/classes that I can see.

So as you can tell, I’m still waiting on ‘the all-clear’ that we can re-start indoor group exercise classes again in Dreghorn Loan Hall and Craiglockhart church hall.

I’m hoping that myself and other hall users will hear from the church hall convenors with a date for the go-ahead at some point.

Either that or I’ll hear on the Scottish News that we can all get back to indoor classes again. 

When I hear anything definite, I’ll book up asap but, if you hear anything first or if I’ve missed the info, please let me know, thanks.

I think though that when safe to do so, it will probably be a lot safer to exercise outdoors for a while.  Again, I’m thinking of using Paties Road Recreation Grounds and wonder when we can go ahead with this. 

What would be your thoughts on outdoor classes initially?

I know that exercising again together outdoors would be weather dependent which would be fine and it’d be great as a start (can’t wait).

Have a think, let me know what you think about outdoor classes in the first instance and when you think it may be safe enough to go ahead with this – please.

It’s almost August (it will be at the weekend) already. 

I’m wondering if it may be feasible to get something organised for later in August or in September?

I really look forward to hearing your views, thank you.

I’ve really missed seeing you and exercising and working out with you. 

My fitness levels have decreased hugely and can’t wait to get back to some sort of normal again. 

I know what it’s like returning to classes after being away from classes for a week or 2 or even the 3 week break that we have before Christmas until the beginning of January!!  

A long time. 

When we do get back the chance to exercise together again, my thinking is …let’s ease into it until we improve our fitness, strength and flexibility again. 

Would you be hoping and thinking the same?

Things are easing but I still feel I/we need ‘the official all-clear’ to exercising as a class again even if outdoors. 

I hope that you have a great day/week

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