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Complementary Fitness 26 June newsletter

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All classes on and ‘back to normal’ this week, yay.

We enjoyed an amazing long weekend in London, lots of great weather and stayed in a fab gorgeous 5 star, large 4 bedroom airbnb house.

As you’ll know, we’ve been to London several times before but not since pre-Covid days.  My sister came with us and it was her first time and she totally enjoyed the planning and the adventure, visiting new places (for her).  We did lots of the usual sightseeing things inc Covent Garden, Spitalfields and Borough Markets, Selfridges, Soho, China Town etc and we also did a fast thrilling boat trip on the Thames.

Of course there are so many places to visit as well as so many restaurants, cafes etc and we enjoyed it all.


What did you do at the weekend?

Let me know coz I love hearing about it.  It’s good to share.


Just to let you know that on Thurs, I’ll officially be ‘a pensioner’ so come and help me celebrate by coming to our fitness yoga/Pilates class at 7pm on 29 June.


I know that it’s going to be the start of the school holidays at the end of this week too (can’t believe our granddaughter will be going into P2 soon, time flies as they say).  Sorry I’m digressing: anyway, I hope that you can still make it along to as many classes as you can over the summer.

Not enough sleep or poor quality sleep wreaks havoc on our system, limiting the body’s ability to release necessary hormones to repair, restore and refresh cells as we sleep.  The results can include a rapidly aging body and brain so aim for 7-8 hours of sleep every night.


In last week’s newsletter, we talked about staying hydrated, bringing water to class etc and if I’d known this at the time, I would’ve included this explanation too (from a tweet I read):

Drink plenty of water to keep our lungs healthy.

Why?  There is a thin lining of mucus inside our lungs and when we get enough water over the course of the day, this lining stays thin which helps our lungs do their job better.


Oh I love this quote and thought I’d remind you too:

‘Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone.  Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived.  Live in the present and make it beautiful’.


So another shortish newsletter this week – do you enjoy or prefer the shorter ones?

Looking forward to seeing you this week