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Complementary Fitness 26 July Newsletter

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Hi and welcome this this week’s newsletter.

I enjoyed all of our sunny outdoor classes last week and I loved the glorious weather we had all last week & particularly last Tuesday & Thursday evenings for our outdoor 6.15pm classes.

There was not a cloud in the sky on Tue and hardly any on Thurs evening, just perfect.

Of course, I/we still think that Thistle Padel Court is also just perfect for our Wed & Fri morning classes too.

It’s nice and cool while we’re in the court so great for exercising in that environment.

Both venues at Katesmill Road are easily accessible for us because of the parking areas (there is also an overflow car park when the ‘usual one’ gets really busy), some of us walk from Craiglockhart or Colinton or like me, walk through the Dell which is lovely and peaceful.


As you’ll know the Olympics started last week (23 July – 8 Aug) and you might have caught the opening ceremony in Tokyo.

Wow it’s going to be exciting but just wanted to let you know that if there was a competition and gold medals were to be given out for peak performance, endurance, strength & flexibility in fitness/fitness Pilates/fitness Yoga sport event, YOU’D WIN.

You totally deserve a gold medal and to stand on the top podium and I’d cheer you on.

Woo hoo, well done.

Btw, keep up the great work as we all need to keep on top of our game, ha.

It is easy to ‘lose it’ ie lose fitness, strength & flexibility if we stop, have too much time ‘off’ but, just in case you’re wondering, the good news is that it’s easy to ‘get it back again’, phew.

Wow I can’t believe it: we’re almost at the end of July already.

On Sunday, we’re into August and usually into full-on Fringe season (oh I missed the hustle & bustle & excitement of it last year).

Did you know:

that The Fringe returns this year from 6-30 August.

You can see What’s On at:   Home | Edinburgh Festival Fringe (

Although some shows are online/Watch On Demand but that’s to be expected & fine and better than nothing.

that you can get the latest info on what’s happening in Edinburgh at

I particularly liked clicking on and finding out about new & upcoming Edinburgh restaurants and cafes (I just love eating & good food as you’ll know)

10 new Edinburgh bars, restaurants, cafes and more set to open this summer – Edinburgh Live

I’ve passed a few times and am looking forward to Henderson’s opening again – yaaaaay

As you’ll maybe know, the veggie/vegan restaurant café was on Hanover Street for years and years and had to close during Covid pandemic.

However…. dah dah dah…..the restaurant will be opening again later this summer by Barry who is the grandson of the original owner Janet Henderson.

The new restaurant near Bruntsfield Links is obviously being refurbed atm.

You can follow them on Instagram @hendersonseatbetter

that you can find out about this year’s Book Festival, what to see and how to get tickets at

A summer strawberry smoothie recipe with only 4 ingredients to blend together for 2 servings and great for breakfast, pre-workout or anytime of the day, especially when out in the sunshine.

Strawberries and summer go together anyway.  Just blend up:

2 cups frozen strawberries, 2 cups frozen pineapple chunks, 1 medium banana & 2 cups almond milk.

I love recipes from @jar.of.lemons

I read this ‘how to store berries to help them last longer’ (from @foodrevolutionnetwork) which says: before putting berries in the fridge, rinse them with 8 parts water and 1 part organic white vinegar then dry thoroughly.  Rinse again before eating and you won’t taste the vinegar.  This process kills spores and bacteria.

I haven’t tried this method/process myself but might give it a go if/when I don’t buy organic berries.

I do like to buy organic frozen berries (Waitrose or Real Foods) when I can and just take out what I need for a smoothie.  They don’t take long to defrost anyway and are nice on top of, or though coconut yoghurt as a dessert.

Please click on the Classes page for class times & details for this week & I look forward to seeing you soon.

Classes £5 each & you can pay by bank transfer (I can give you my bank details), by card machine when you come to the class or cash.

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