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Complementary Fitness 25 June newsletter

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Hi and welcome to our Complementary Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & resistance/weights classes in Craiglockhart & Colinton, Edinburgh. I hope that you’ll join us this week/soon.

All our summer class details, times and venues are below and will be on the Classes page of my website.

Complementary Fitness Summer classes – dates & venues
Craiglockhart Parish Church Hall, Craiglockhart Drive North

Dreghorn Loan church hall, Dreghorn Loan, Colinton

FRIDAY 9.30 am FREESTYLE FITNESS YOGA (not on 29/6 – see below)

More Info re Summer classes – dates & venues

As you know, for weeks now, I’ve been reminding you in the newsletters and in classes of our end of term dates, holiday dates and when classes are back and the slight change to venue re classes.
So again, we finish up this Thursday 28 June and there are no classes on Fri 29 June, Tue 3, Wed 4, Thurs 5 or Fri 6 July as I’m on holiday.

I had previously said that the week commencing 9 July, all classes will be in CRAIGLOCKHART CHURCH HALL and this is still the case.
However, I’ve only just heard from the Dreghorn Loan Hall Convenor that now the week commencing 16 July isn’t available either due to work being done on the window hoppers. So I’ve now requested and been granted use of Craiglockhart Church Hall again for that 2nd week as well on our return.
So now: ALL CLASSES will be in Craiglockhart Church Hall on:
Tue 10 + 17 July at 7.30 – 8.30pm
Wed 11 + 18 July at 9.30 – 10.30am
Thurs 12 + 19 July at 7.00 – 8.00 pm and
Fri 13 + 20 July at 9.30 – 10.30am.

Phew! Dates etc will be on the Classes page of my website & in newsletters.

Summer end of term get-together for coffee + cake on Wednesday 27 June
I’ve reserved a table for us at The Swing Café, Colinton Parish Church, Dell Road for an end of term get together and to celebrate our first-half-of-the-year fitness achievements so far and I hope that you can join us this Wednesday 27/6 at around 10.45am after our class for an end of term catch up/celebration.
Even if you can’t come to the class that morning (I hope that you can though), still come for coffee/tea etc and catch up with us.

As you know, our Complementary Fitness classes are based on improving our fitness levels as well as building and maintaining strength and flexibility. In all our classes, we incorporate a lot of lunges and squats which are strength training exercises performed using our own body weight. Everyone is encouraged to work out at their own pace, modify or adapt the exercise to suit. You may have noticed that as we get stronger, the same exercise over time, can get easier so we need to (or can) progressively overload or make the exercise or stretch more challenging. To do this, we can vary the position of our arms, hands, legs and feet, move in different directions and/or use resistance bands or hand held weights.

Are you up for the challenge?
Remember though: always do what’s right for you, you know your own body best and what you’re capable of when exercising.

I love A Vogal products and have just found out about Neem Insect Repellent Spray which repels mosquitoes, midges and flies and is in a 50ml bottle so I’m going to take it on holiday with me. Mosquitoes always seem to be really attracted to me so I’ll use the spray and hopefully, I’ll not get bitten this year. I’ve started taking Allicin Max capsules (extracted from fresh garlic) which repels them too.

Occasionally for breakfast, I’ll have ‘overnight oats’ with berries and seeds which is so easy, quick and simple to prepare. For each person, I’d soak ½ cup of porridge oats, 1 cup of almond (or dairy) milk and some cinnamon powder (which is great to balance blood sugar) and put this into a jar with a lid in the fridge (I wash out and save those empty coconut oil jars or you can use Kilner or any jars).
In the morning, I’ll give it a stir and add some sliced banana or a few blueberries or raspberries (pre soaked dried apricots or fresh apricots would be a nice change too) and top with some shelled hemp seeds. Delicious and filling.

I use adaptogenic herbs to help me when I’m feeling really stressed. Adaptogenic herbs are non-toxic, non-habit forming and they help the body adapt to body chemistry changes – help boost immunity, boost energy and for me, encourage balanced mood. You may have heard of some of these adaptogens ie turmeric which helps antioxidant function, helps to decrease inflammation and boost immunity.
Maca contains 7 essential amino acids and fibre and is great for balancing hormones. I’ve also started using liquorice root in smoothies etc coz I’ve read that it’s great at helping to regulate the stress hormone cortisol and great at regulating the adrenal glands. I occasionally also add adaptogenic mushroom powders into smoothies or chia puddings too (no I’ve not ‘gone all weird’ – I don’t think anyway!??) ie reishi, cordyceps and chaga which support the immune system.
You can research, find out more and order some of these and others online.
We all have stresses in our lives at various times in our lives and it depends how we deal with it.
I don’t mind admitting that I really suffer with chronic and acute stress, am really hard on myself and sometimes things just seem to continue to pile up.
If and when we feel we’re getting in a rut or getting bogged down with ‘stuff’, ask for help, a bit more support, take supplements, remember to meditate, take care of ourselves: exercise, eat a balanced nutritious diet, stick within the alcohol guidelines, breathe, drink plenty of water/fluids, drink less caffeine, get some fresh air, go for a walk, keep in touch with our friends, have a laugh, read, try to be positive, relax, go to bed earlier and get enough sleep etc etc. All these things can help – it’s all good.
What do you do when (if) you’re feeling overwhelmed?

I look forward to seeing you and working out with you in classes on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday this week so that we can continue to improve on our fitness levels, strength, posture balance and flexibility together. Looking forward to Wednesday’s ‘after class’ coffee and cake catch up in The Swing Café too.

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