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I hope that you had a great weekend & are looking forward to a brand new week of Spring, sunshine, fitness, exercise, classes and fun.

One of my Instagram posts last week was about moving forward and said that in our classes, we move in all 3 planes of motion ie forward and backwards, side to side and rotationally and in life, there is no going back.  We have to be in the present moment and aim to move forward.

I said I’m all up for progress and improvement and continuing to move and be active in a bid to lead a healthy balanced life and am sure that you are too.

Friday’s IG post was ‘keep active’ and I know that it can be hard to keep up the motivation to keep going, keep active, to come to classes, to move more and stay on top of things generally.  Lack of motivation can be due to lots of reasons ie not sleeping well, our mindset, our thoughts, being in a rut etc but it may help to make a plan.  Write down or make a mental note of what we want to get done in the day and tick off or acknowledge when we’ve done that task.  When it comes to being active, it might help to join a class with a friend so we can encourage each other and feel more accountable to each other to continue.  Set goals and schedule in times in the day/week for fitness, exercise, classes, walks, hikes etc and get out and about.  Fresh air and sunshine makes all the difference too.

So please Follow me on Instagram @complementaryfitness and you’ll see all of my current and future posts, what I say about them and you can comment on them too – please comment.  I also sometimes do some Instagram Stories too about interesting ‘stuff’ or maybe a short video.

Obesity is linked to many diseases including cardiovascular disease and we know that an increase in sedentary lifestyles is an important factor contributing to the of the obesity epidemic.  We can focus on moving towards (ha, like it) our 150 minutes of moderate – to intense exercise a week but NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) is an important component of daily energy expenditure too.

NEAT represents energy expenditure and the common daily activities that we do ie walking, standing, gardening, doing the housework and even fidgeting.

According to research from PubMed, these high-effect NEAT movements could result in up to an extra 2000 kcal of expenditure per day beyond basal metabolic rate, depending on body weight and level of activity.

According to research, implementing NEAT during leisure-time and occupational activities, could be essential to maintaining a negative energy balance (energy in/energy out).

NEAT can be applied by being upright and walking around, maybe redesigning workplace and leisure-time environments to promote NEAT eg using standing desks when at a laptop rather than being seated.

The benefits of NEAT include not only the extra calories expended but also the reduced occurrence of the metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular & other diseases.


Btw, it was a chat with someone in one of our classes last week about standing desks that got me thinking about this subject.


Studies have found that people who exercise regularly tend to have lower levels of anxiety and depression compared with less active people and they also get a bigger mood boost after a single workout.  Yay, I’m happy about that!


Here’s an amazing Friday fitness yoga class comment that I’d like to share with you and hopefully it will inspire you to email or let me know what you think of this or any of our classes.

Comment: “absolutely love Susan’s Friday morning yoga class… what a fantastic start to my day, energised and ready to take on whatever the day throws at me.  Fridays are fab .. all because of Friday morning yoga”

Thanks so much Helen.

Here she is in a reverse warrior pose.  What a star (as you ALL are by the way)

And ….. is anyone else happy for me to take a photo in an exercise/stretch pose so that I can share it?  Please let me know.  Just that photos are always/usually of me and it’s nice to see you.


Advance Notice that DLH is being used for voting on Thursday 5 May so we can’t have our class in the hall that evening.  I’ve enquired about the Dell Room but that’s also unavailable.  So depending on the weather, if it’s nice and bright, we could have a class outdoors at Paties Road Recreation Grounds.  Would you be up for an outdoor class?  If so, please let me know.  We’ll need to see what the weather forecast is like nearer the time but it’s an option.  Watch this space, as they say!

Sunlight increases the production of serotonin in the body and it’s important because serotonin is needed in order for the body to produce melatonin.  When we get sunlight in the morning, we help the body in producing this sleep hormone.

So get out and get some sunshine/sunlight in the morning.


A funny:

I got an automated phone call last night to say I’d won £10,000 or 2 tickets to an Elvis tribute show in Las Vagas.  It said ‘press one for the money, two for the show’!

(ps maybe you’re too young to remember Elvis/the song).


How is abbreviation such a long word!  Hmm


Updated requirements for travelling to Spain –

check out

and advice re face coverings:


Reminders that:

  • if you have any news, anything you’d like to share ie whether it’s local news, ideas, comments, recipes etc, let me know and I’ll let everyone know. Although this is a long-ish newsletter this week, I’m always on the hunt for things to add into these weekly newsletter.  Please regularly send me class comments & feedback (eg if the class has benefitted you, that a fitness yoga evening class helps you sleep, that you have more energy after a particular class etc etc), then please email me directly or through my website and I’ll continually update the ‘what class participants say’ section of my website, thank you.
  • you can email me for a space in any class and/or just turn up, there’ll be space for you. We’re never 100% full with no spaces left.  You can book a place through my Facebook page too if you want to.
  • If you feel unwell, have any cold or other virus symptoms, don’t come to a class but stay home, take care, get well and come back when you’re full recovered and feel better.
  • please follow me on Instagram and Facebook @complementaryfitness where you’ll see the latest updates, photos, mini videos etc. On Pinterest, I’m @SusanCockburn

As always, I look forward to seeing you this week and working out together.

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