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Complementary Fitness 23 May Newsletter

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As you’ll maybe know, I love Dr Chatterjee’s podcasts and have also signed up to his Friday Five email.  In a recent one, which was about the recent Mental Health Awareness week, it included a piece about moving together which I found very interesting.

He said: “the connection between physical movement and mental health seems to get stronger the more we learn about it” and “research has shown the psychological benefits are enhanced when we move together.  This ‘social motion’, characterised by coordinated movement and physical exertion, can give us a sense of togetherness and oneness, known as ‘collected effervescence’, a euphoric unity generated when humans come together”.


We all know that human connection and togetherness is obviously so important, we crave connection with others, like to feel part of a tribe, that we matter, that we belong and we all do.

It’s beneficial to have some alone-time now and then but we don’t want to feel lonely.

Like anything, it’s all about balance.

We can enjoy the physical and mental health benefits and connection with others ie when we dance and I love the fact that we move together in our classes, that they’re community-based.  There’s a purpose and goal ie to get fitter, stronger etc when we work out together but there are social benefits too and it’s good to know that we all have a valued place in each and every class.

As I often say, classes wouldn’t be the same without you.

In a recent post, Dr Chatterjee also talks about 5 benefits of walking:

  1. Reduced risk of cancer
  2. Improved mental wellbeing
  3. Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s
  4. Improved quality of life
  5. Reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes and posture

He also says that although walking helps our hearts, lungs, muscles and posture, our sedentary lives mean that we’re doing less than we could.


Talking about connection with others and walking: we were up north at the weekend visiting friends and had a great time catching up, going out for walks and coffees.


Are you ‘going the distance’?  ie not just walking but running?  Maybe you, or someone you know, has signed up to Edinburgh Marathon Festival (EMF) which is this weekend 28 & 29 May.

On Sat 28/5, events are kids’ kilometre, 1½k junior, 2k junior and 5k junior, then there’s the 5k and 10k races  Then on Sunday 29/5, there’s the EMF relay, half marathon and full marathon (26.2 miles) and all events starting in different times.  Good luck and well done in advance if you’re taking part or cheering on.

To find out more, visit Edinburgh Marathon Festival – 28/29th May 2022


On a different subject, you may know that hemp seeds are a complete plant-based protein and a great source of the amino acid tyrosine which is needed to make thyroid hormone and they contain unique proteins that are great for the skin, hair and nails.

I love adding hemp seeds into smoothies and sprinkle over yoghurt.


Last Wednesday, my Instagram post was about berry smoothies and I said that I love making colourful and nutritious smoothies and that I start with a non-dairy milk and add in some greens (usually spinach), pea protein powder, hemp and chia seeds, some nut butter, frozen or fresh blueberries or other berries.

Making a protein-based, antioxidant and vitamin-packed smoothie is great for a quick breakfast or post workout drink to increase energy levels.

Friday’s IG post was ‘plank’ and I mentioned that planks can be done on hands & feet, knees, forearms and there are so many options and variations in all directions.

Do we love to plank in our classes?

Answer: well… hopefully yes but we do them anyway to improve core and overall strength.

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I often mention links to healthy recipe sites and may have told you about this one before but just to remind that is great place to scroll through for some inspiration.


Just a shortish newsletter this week but I still hope you enjoyed reading it.

Looking forward to seeing you & working out with you this week as always.


Reminders that:

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  • you can email me for a space in any class and/or just turn up, there’ll be space for you. We’re never 100% full with no spaces left.  You can book a place through my Facebook page too if you want to.
  • If you feel unwell, have any cold or other virus symptoms, don’t come to a class but stay home, take care, get well and come back when you’re full recovered and feel better.
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As always, I look forward to seeing you this week and working out together.

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