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Complementary Fitness 23 Dec Christmas news

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I hope that you had a good week ‘off’ last week and I’m sure that you’re all organised now for ‘the big day’.  I also hope that you’ve had some time to relax and put your feet up too. 

Last week, we were away and 3 of us (inc our son) had an amazing week in Club La Santa resort, Lanzarote.  We just absolutely love it there and at the end of the week, (as before), we just didn’t want to come home, it was sooooo good in lots of ways.  The weather was fantastic (apart from a little drizzle on Monday but the rest of the time, it was hot) and it’s great to get some lovely winter sun.  We hired a car for the week at the airport and saw a bit of the island (although tbt, it was only to go from the south to the north and back a couple of times), relaxed in the sun a bit, enjoyed going to our favourite restaurants and cafes and we were there to do lots of activities and classes.  We walked together into La Santa (a wee village about 25 mins walk away) a few times to cafes, restaurants and sat on the rocks overlooking and listening to the waves. 

We took part in lots of classes together but we also did our ‘own thing’ too.  I particularly loved (loved, loved, loved etc) taking part in quite a few Body Combat classes (my absolute fave thing), did Body Attack, some ballroom dance classes and I even did an aerial relaxation class which was performing various stretches etc while supported by a hammock – it was ok but good to have at least tried it.  Steven loves taking part in Cross Fit sessions (very hard core) and Norman loves circuit classes.  There’s just sooooo much for everyone and individuals can do as much or as little as they want.

Just a tiny short email this week as I know you’ll be busy and be celebrating too but I just wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you in the new year when all of our classes start back from Tue 7 January.

Have a fabulous festive celebratory week with all your family and friends.

Take care and ho ho ho


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