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Complementary Fitness 22 March News

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Well after emailing everyone then sending out our weekly newsletter last week, a lot of you got in touch to say you’re looking forward to getting back to exercising outdoors again – so am I.

It’ll be lovely to actually see you and for us to exercise together again at the Padel Court. for info if you’re unsure where the Padel Court is for our 10am Wednesday & Friday classes which are back this week.

I now have 14 who’ve reserved their place in this Wednesday’s class (max number) & I’ve emailed those 14 to confirm their place.  I’ve asked that if any of those find out that they can’t make it to that class, to let me know asap as there are 2 people on the Waiting Reserve List, thanks.

News: there are quite a few of you who want to join this Wednesday’s class but because of number restrictions, can’t get a space, sorry about that;

HOWEVER…. I’m going to record the same/similar class and send out the recorded link so that you/they can do the class at 10am & feel you’re still doing the Wednesday class along with us.

Or you can do the recorded class later in that day.

fyi: if I haven’t emailed you to confirm your outdoor space, please let me know if you’d like to join the Wednesday recorded class & I’ll send you the link. I have a few names on the list already;

So 2 classes on a Wednesday this week: one outdoors at the Padel Court (max numbers) and one recorded class that you can do at home.

I’ve just filled the last place for this Friday’s outdoor fitness yoga class and have emailed the 14 to confirm their space.

Although we’ve got max numbers, still let me know if you’d like a Friday class & I would think about doing another recorded class & send out the link at 10am – let me know if you’d be interested & I’ll get it organised.

I know that it’s great to be back outdoors again and wish, as before, we could have 30 max but for now, it’s a total of 15 outdoors.

I’ll update if restrictions ease though.

Please email me on a weekly basis if you’d like a reserved space in either of our outdoor Wednesday & Friday classes – I hope that’s fair to give everyone a chance to join us rather than anyone booking 2, 4, 6+ etc classes in advance.

Our Tuesday & Thursday fitness Pilates & fitness yoga classes are still recorded on Zoom.  As you know, the Padel Court can’t accommodate us in the afternoons or evenings as they’re booked up.  Please continue to let me know if you’d like the recorded links for these classes, thanks.

Hopefully, we’ll even get outdoors at Paties Road Recreation Grounds on those evenings when the weather’s better & it’s still light.

Watch this space as they say.

Although ….. the clocks go forward/British Summer Time begins this weekend: early Sunday morning on 28 March, yesss, lighter, brighter, warmer.

Diary Date Reminder:  In 2 weeks time, ie on Wed 7 & Fri 9 April, our outdoor classes start at 9am just for those 2 classes, just for that week because the Padel Courts have a junior holiday club booking.

You may have heard/read about the negative health impact of a sedentary lifestyle.  Experts are telling us that 10 hours or more of being sedentary is linked to serious ill health but we can change and become more physically active.  WHO guidelines are advising 30-40 mins of moderate-vigorous intensity physical activity to help reduce health risks.  We know that this can be achieved by exercising, going for a brisk walk, run, cycle, doing housework, gardening etc.  Plan in physical activity or just get up & get out there and go for a walk and get some fresh air, great as this helps to improve our mood too.

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