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Complementary Fitness 22 June newsletter

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First off, how are you this week and how was last week for you? 

What did you do/achieve?  Anything new?

Well, last week, the weather (again) was mixed with mist, rain and then lovely (well, I mean dry, warm and sunny) from lunchtime on Thursday & Friday.

I had started running again and went short runs every day for about 10 day but, I wasn’t really doing any strength works so then ditched the running and thought instead, I’ll need to replace that with strength & conditioning work but … well, tbh, life and boredom set in and I did nothing! (apart from some coursework on the laptop which always takes me ages) which was not good and not what I’d intended.  But … I’m back on it again.  It is good to mix it up however with some cardio, strength and flexibility work.  Strength to build up and keep muscle tone.  Cardio to keep our heart pumping (ok it does pump on its own I know) and good to improve/keep our general fitness and endurance going and then flexibility as we all know, is good to keep stretching and stay flexible so we can still flex forward and touch our toes (or almost).

I thought I’d continue on from last week’s videoing with (not me) a ballroom fitness video from one of the instructors at Club La Santa.

Oh I soooooooooooooo miss CLaS and dance/ballroom fitness classes there and in the sun too.  How many have I attended and joined in?  hmm loads but not enough.  I love, love, love, love dancing (about), doing my ‘own thing’ but here’s an absolutely fantastic fabulous dance video that I’m sure you’ll love and enjoy.  Get your trainers on, go on, no-one’s looking, have fun.

Click on or copy & paste the link and get your trainers on and have some water handy too.

Just to let you know that from today, Monday 22 June charges for on-street pay and display parking will be resumed.

I like this quote: ‘Thoughts are like drops of water: with our thoughts, we can drown in a sea of negativity or we can float on the ocean of life’ – Louise Hay

More funnies:

With so many sporting events cancelled, they’re going to televise the world origami championship – it’s on paper view!

Have you heard of Bruce Lee’s vegan brother who’s name is: Broco

Just a wee short newsletter this week but please keep me updated as I love hearing your news too and in the meantime, stay fit, flexible, strong, well, relaxed and positive.

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Susan x