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Hi and welcome to another great week of Complementary Fitness classes.

Did you know that:

Exercise and eating a healthy balanced diet full of minerals and vitamins is essential for a healthy body and mind.  Remember to drink plenty of water and minimise sugary foods to keep inflammation at bay.  Eat a rainbow of colourful fruit and vegetables to maximise colour variety and vitamin content and eat healthy fats (ie oily fish, avocados, walnuts) and protein to maintain collagen (eg beans, pulses, eggs).  To build muscle, most people need around 1.5g of protein per kilo of body weight.  Examples of foods containing protein are: plain yoghurt contains 3-5g per 100g, a medium egg is around 6g and nuts and seeds are good sources of protein and there’s 18g of protein in a 240ml cup of cooked lentils.

I read that we need 30 different types of plant food in our diet every week for optimal gut health so if we try to eat a variety of different coloured fruit and veg on a daily/weekly basis, we’ll also get lots of fibre and polyphenols feeding our gut microbes as well as upping our vitamin and mineral levels.  I’m sure that we all know, or have read that ultra-processed foods, emulsifiers and other chemicals in processed foods are bad for our gut health.

Research from the Uni of Exeter found that a healthy lifestyle could offset even a high genetic risk of dementia cutting the risk by 1/3 compared to those with a high genetic risk who didn’t follow a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve been reading that vitamin D supplements can help combat low mood and support our bone health and research now suggests that it might also have a place in treating Parkinson’s disease.  A study found that patients with Parkinson’s disease had much lower levels of vitamin D than a control group.  It says that people with low vitamin D levels were more likely to fall, suffer sleep problems and experience depression and anxiety. 

I’ve started taking vitamin D3 again which helps support the immune system, muscle function and normal bones and teeth.

More research and studies:

According to a Uni of Cambridge study; 20 minutes of walking a day can cut your risk of premature death by almost a third.  Daily walking increases your metabolism by burning calories and preventing muscle loss.  So even if we get some dull days, we can still wrap up, get our walking boots and a light waterproof jacket on and still get some exercise on the days that we’re not in class.

A Columbia University’s Institute for Research on Alzheimer’s Disease study says that exercise produces a hormone that may improve memory and protect against dementia.

High-intensity exercise can elevate your metabolism after exercise which can help0 maximise fat loss if that’s your goal.  FYI: there’s an option in our Wednesday resistance training class to go for more challenging high intensity options in our ‘circuit’ part of the class.  So instead of marching, we could jog or run on-the-spot and instead of alternatively touching one foot to the side and in again, we could do some jumping jacks.  Lifting our arms will also make us work harder and increase our heart rate. 

Oh, talking of our Wednesday 9.30am fitness class – on Wednesday 30 Oct, we’ll be having our usual ‘Halloween fitness class’ where, instead of using hand held weights or a kettlebell, you’re encouraged to bring a pumpkin and we can workout and use that as our weight.  You’re also encouraged to dress up if you’d like to.  Maybe wear orange or wear a witches hat, spooky leggings etc – go on, I dare you, it’ll be fun.

Talking of pumpkin Halloween workouts, I’ve done a wee tiny video holding a pumpkin (ok it was only a medium sized one) as a weight.  Get one and try it out with me.

Friends of Saughton Park are having an Apple Day on Saturday 26 Oct between 1-5pm.  All welcome and entry is free.  There will be live music, a pop-up café, apple ID, tasting and juicing, pumpkin/turnip lantern competition & prizes, ghostly teddy bear hunt and more. More info at:

Who needs a laugh?  …

A friend asked ‘what’s the French word for white’? and my mind went blanc – ha


My wife said she’d leave me if I don’t do something about my Neil Diamond obsession.  “I am, I said”!!

I hope that you’ll continue to work out with me/us and continue to maintain your strength, flexibility, fitness levels and generally, feel great and enjoy all of the exercise benefits that we discuss.  I love getting all the positive comments from you so keep them coming.  Well done and keep up the great work and commitment and let me know how you’re getting on generally and with your fitness, diet and lifestyle (incl mind, body, meditation, sleep, rest). 

Take care, see you soon.


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