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Complementary Fitness 21 Jan News

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I hope that even if you’re new to us, not been before or are ‘a regular’ that you’ll join us this week for more fitness, flexibility and core all level classes. Details of all classes are on the Classes When/Where tab

Here’s this week’s updates, news and info:

Back in the 1920s Joseph Pilates created an exercise regime which he called Controlology.  He incorporated influences from gymnastics, boxing and even wrestling.  When he moved from Germany to the US with his wife he opened a studio in New York where he taught this method of exercise for decades. 

We’ve taken his name and there are lots of Pilates classes ‘out there’ including our own Fitness Pilates.  Some classes are gentle and some, like ours, more dynamic using our own body weight for resistance and support as well as using mats on the floor for mat-work.  There are a lot of words that are being used when describing the benefits of Pilates or yoga – some of which are: improved posture, joint mobility, muscle tone, stronger core, improved fitness, improved flexibility and balance, reduced stress and tension as well as help with pain relief if you suffer from back problems.

I was just thinking that even in our Wednesday general fitness class, we often include 5 or 10 minutes of combat/boxing where we perform some jabs, upper cuts, hooks etc so we’re still following in Jo Pilates footsteps in that class too.

I thought I’d upload and let you see a short video of some exercises using our gliding discs. We used to use them years ago and I thought that we’d start using them again in our Wednesday 9.30am class. As in all of our classes, exercises and stretches, there are options and variations to make them easier or more challenging (and you don’t have to use them) in the 5 or 10 minute gliding disc section of the class. I hope that you’ll join us and give it a try.
Wednesday 9.30am resistance training workout using gliding discs – join us soon

Just wondering too that if you’re continuing with Dry January and/or Veganuary, how are you doing?  Are you finding it tough?  Have you cut out altogether or cut down on alcohol or if not fully embracing Veganuary, have you added any more vegetarian/vegan foods, dishes or meals into your daily or weekly schedule? 

What have any pros and cons been for you?

It’s Burns night on Friday and we’re off for a veggie Burns supper to Henderson’s restaurant in Hanover St where they’re be canapes and fizz then a 3 course meal inc veggie haggis, neeps & tatties and an address to the haggis and some music playing.

Are you having or going out to a Burns night?

I’m wondering if you would take a tablet or pill every day if it was scientifically proven to benefit your brain by increasing focus; reducing stress, anxiety and depression and improving memory, emotional awareness and overall happiness?  What if it wasn’t through taking a tablet, but simply by sitting still and meditating for even a few minutes a day?  Would that motivate, help and encourage you to meditate?  I’ve done some meditation in the past but didn’t keep up the practice and think it’d be a great idea to get back into it again.  There are lots of apps, books, websites ‘out there’ to help you.  Meditation helps you focus on your breath which helps by becoming calm, centred and focussed – what’s not to love about these benefits? 

Did you know that exercise and movement as well as good nutrition and mindset together go towards creating and continuing a healthy lifestyle?  I’m sure that you did.

I can’t wait to see you this week/soon for more fitness, fun and sequence variations.

Take care