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Welcome to this week’s newsletter & updates:

Some strategies to grow new brain cells:

According to published articles by neuroscientist Elizabeth Gould from Princeton University in the Journal of Nature and Science of Medicine, she showed that adults can grow new brain cells specifically in the hippocampus: the memory centre of your brain.

So here are 4 things we can do to increase grow new brain cells in the hippocampus


  1. Exercise – research shows that people who regularly exercise actually grow a bigger brain. We’ve said before that exercise helps with blood flow round the body and exercise increases BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor).
  2. Sleep is really important because not only is that when we cleanse the brain but it’s also when we grow those new brain cells and new neural connections and solidify memory. Get in to a good consistent sleeping pattern.
  3. Eating healthy fats – outside of water, our brain is mostly made up of fat so eating healthy fats is very important. Examples: walnuts, fatty fish & avocados.  (Walnuts are also high in omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and antioxidants and I like to pre-soak walnuts usually overnight to release ‘plant anti-nutrients’ and lectins then drain and rinse before eating them).
  4. Learning new skills – eg learning to play the piano or guitar, dance, or stand up paddleboarding (I only mention this coz I recently had a lesson and loved it when on holiday and it’s great for balance too).


Hippocrates was right when he said “Let food by thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”.

I love good food, everything about good healthy food, nutrition, taste, quality, flavours, combinations, colour, texture, spices etc.


I just ordered some frozen organic fruits ie a box of 3 different fruits & 3 packs of organic blackberries) from

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The offer is valid until 15 July, minimum spend £25 and there’s free delivery over £40 although their Bundles are free delivery anyway.

Pack’d also have a recipes tab on their site too: Recipes – PACKD

and some info re why frozen is nutritious because the fruits & veg are packed and frozen on the day of picking  Planet Friendly – PACKD

Let me know if you place an order, what you order and your thoughts, thanks.


Did you know that in a recent study of 663 people, those who ate 2 servings of mushrooms a week had approx a 60% reduction in their risk of Alzheimer’s disease which is huge.

I love mushrooms and often cook them in a little extra virgin olive oil, maybe some crushed garlic, and add in any organic (usually but not always) chestnut or closed cap but also love shitake or a blend of ‘exotic’ mushrooms that you can buy and add on top of a slice of toasted sourdough, rye or buckwheat bread.

Then obviously for more variety, nutrients, vitamins, colour, fibre etc, you can add some slices of avocado (or peacamole = guac with the addition of garden peas for healthy fats + protein, all mashed), home made dukkah (nut and seed blend, so easy to make), maybe a boiled egg, or what every you fancy.

Do you like mushrooms?  What would your combinations be if YOU like mushrooms on toast?  That’s me thinking about food again (when am I not?)  but I’m now also thinking of a spoonful of tahini drizzed over mushrooms on toast, yum.


Oh if you’re looking for new healthy recipe ideas, have a look through Dr Mark Hyman’s recipe section on his website:

Recipes – Dr. Mark Hyman (


I’ve loved all of the positive comments from you about our classes last week, thank you.

It’s also been great to see you all, catch up and welcome ‘new people’ to our classes too – you’re all very welcome and appreciated.

Reminder to send me any info, articles, local or other news etc that you come across that we can share with each other, thanks.

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