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Welcome to this week’s newsletter & updates:

Here’s more feedback on motivation for coming to our classes:

  • “My motivation for coming to your classes:  I like that you vary what we do so we’re not doing the same thing each week and your enthusiasm makes your classes enjoyable & fun.  I always feel better afterwards.  I also like reading your newsletters, they’re very informative & interesting.”  (thanks Moira – Wed class)


  • “The main reason I go to the classes is because I want to remain fit & mobile as long as possible.

I think your classes are great because they incorporate balance & co-ordination as well as working on strength & flexibility.  Everyone is very friendly & you always encourage us, & push us a bit too.  I like the fact the classes are “pay as you go” as well.

Your newsletters always contain interesting & useful information too”.  thanks very much

I mentioned last week that our Tuesday & Thursday evening classes have been really quiet with low numbers for quite some time now and to keep them going, I need to make them viable again and I’m hoping that if you used to come to these classes, that you’ll come back and become a regular again.

An advantage has been that there’s been lots of space but we really need more people on a consistent, regular basis in going forward (backwards, side-side, rotationally, ha ha).

I do understand that after the summer holidays, kids are back to school etc, that a lot of you go on holiday in September when it’s quieter and the weather’s still nice but I hope you’ll all come back and encourage friends, neighbours etc to join us.


I really, really want to continue with our Tue & Thurs classes (they’ve been going for years and years), I love seeing you and working out with you.

I know that those who do come to our evening classes can’t come to the morning ones because of work commitments.  It can be a thought to come to class when it’s nice in the summer, cold, wet and dark in the Autumn and Winter but generally, everyone says they feel better for coming, working out (check out the comments above), they feel less stressed and sleep better too.

Please give it some thought, Thank you.


One or 2 of you have asked me about my yoga/Pilates shoes and I recommend Vivobarefoot shoes.  Ok they’re expensive but they last, I’ve got a various pairs (yellow, white, light blue and my black ones) and I bought my very first pair well over 15+, maybe 20 years ago.  They’re so light and flexible and great for classes.

I also have Vivo outdoor boots too and they also have a range of shoes for men & kids too.

If you’d like a 15% off your first order, you can get one through this link:

  1. Rangan Chatterjee’s feel better, live more podcast | Vivobarefoot | UK



You’d need to create an account and enter the code LVRC0823 to get the discount.

A suggestion: if buying Vivos for indoor classes, maybe start with Primus Lite III which come in various colours.

No, I’m not on commission (wish I was, they’re sooo good).


Why barefoot?  Well, feet are amazing.  Did you know that each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments and that keeping them healthy is very important.  You can learn more about why moving barefoot is so good for the health of our feet on their website.

But one benefit/claim is that just 6 months in Vivobarefoot footwear increases your foot strength by 60%

They also have a 100 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy.

Who else does that eh?  .

As you’ll know, I’m interested in improving my/our health and I’m interested in improving the gut and those gut microbes.

I mentioned that I’ve signed up to Zoe and am awaiting my test kit, instructions etc.

In the meantime, here’s some useful info about helping our gut microbes to improve our general health (from Dr Tim Spector and Zoe):

  • Eat a diverse range of whole plants and they think at the moment, the optimum is around 30 plants a week. It’s not problem if we don’t always make it but aim to get it right.  (that’s 30 different plants and from different colours ie red, yellow, orange or green peppers, broccoli, aubergine, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, beetroot, peas, red, green or brown lentils, chickpeas etc)


  • Eat the rainbow trying to eat colourful plants because of the polyphenols these defence chemicals in them which our microbes eat and is a source of energy.


  • then fermented foods eg having regular small amounts regularly fermented foods has been shown to improve gut microbes and improve our immune function


  • give you gut a break and if you can eat within a 10 hour window (or you can’t do that, then a 12 hour window at least) then we give our microbes a rest overnight.


  • and finally don’t poison them with too many chemicals from ultra processed foods (UPFs) because UPFs have a negative impact on our gut microbes in ways we’re still understanding but things like sweetness, emulsifiers, preservatives etc.


I’ve mentioned this/something similar in previous emails but thought I’d remind you if you’re looking to improve your lifestyle.  It’s 11 tips for a 10x better life:

0 complaining

1 hot bath/day

2 min cold shower/day

3L water/day

4 days of lifting weights/week

5 hours outside/week

6 hrs of exercise/week

7000 steps/day

8 hrs sleep per night

9 mins stretching/day

10 mins of morning sunlight

(from @drjamesdinic)


Thanks to FB (Fri class) who sent me a link so that I can share with you to an awareness exercise link that you can click on to help with focus, awareness and relaxation.  It starts right away so get a pair of headphones on first if you have them/or just be ready to listen.


Easiest and best way that you can pay for classes:

  • With cash ie £6 per class (always best and I have change)
  • Directly into my bank account (if you don’t have my details, email me and I can give you my sort code & business account number).
  • Alternatively, using my SumUp card machine (although sometimes, it seems to ‘play up’!!)

Remember to let me know if you have any comments, news and keep me updated with anything that’s happening with you ie health-related stuff, goals, achievements etc.

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