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Thanks sooo much to everyone who have joined our new indoor covered classes at Thistle Padel Court last Wed & Fri at 10am.

Last Wednesday we even used our pumpkins 🎃 as a weight – lots of fun.

Friday morning was a gorgeous morning.  I had too many layers on but you just never know with the weather!  It was a fab class, we all loved it 😊

Here are some comments from you about our Padel Court classes:

“Great class at Padel Court.  Brilliant idea, thanks”

“Thanks for great workout this morning – brisk wind certainly kept us moving”!

“Padel courts perfect for fresh air classes, thanks for finding them” 👏

We all absolutely loved our new fresh air location and it’s the perfect place and solution to still being able to have our morning classes, to exercise together & with all that fresh air and it being a bit cold & windy (on Wed), it was dry and we had fun.

Lots of layers (maybe gloves too?) is the answer when it’s a cold day.

Other comments about this new location:

  • Perfect for parking / walking to
  • 10am gives people time to get up, get organised and get there on time. 
  • Great view of the autumn leaves on the trees

We’re ‘done’ by 10.55am so our ‘exercise’ box has been ticked for the rest of the day.

It’s good to be back together again after months & months. 

It’s good for our fitness and good for our mental wellbeing too 😊   

Did you know that 56% of UK workers said that their mental health has suffered/deteriorated while working from home in the last few months? 😪

I’m sure that you all know that staying active is good for us: good for our bones and a healthy heart too.  Stay active, fit & strong 💪

It was all change last week as we had our first Zoom class last Tuesday too. 

I was soooo nervous & apprehensive as it’s the first Zoom class I’ve taught – you could tell!

preparing for our Zoom class

I’d practiced & rehearsed before hand which went fine but, on the night, there was an issue at the start which I hadn’t even realised: I’d thought my webcam was set up & working and everyone could see me through THAT however, when I tilted it up and down, several times, nothing happened!!  Doh!

I persevered (as you do) until it was pointed out to me that I was using the camera/webcam on my laptop instead and no amount of tilting my external webcam on the tripod helped one little bit! 

Oh my goodness, if I had a brain!!  Thanks for pointing this out to me 🙏  phew.

I thought I was going mad (who says I’m not?).

Anyway, we got there.  We did it.  And …. We did it again on Thursday too 🎥🖥 Webcam worked too 👍

Here are some lovely kind comments after our Tuesday Zoom class:

“I really enjoyed the class last night, it was a bit strange to see everyone in their living rooms but great that there seemed to be a good number who had joined.  As you say, a few technical issues but it’s new for us all and nothing that couldn’t be sorted.  I could hear and see you and hear everyone else so it was fantastic!  So thank you for organising this as I was a bit worried we wouldn’t be able to have classes over the winter so really happy we can meet via Zoom”.  – thank you sooo much A

“Great class.  Enjoyed being back. – thanks you much B

The more Zoom live online classes I do, with more experience, it’ll get easier, better, more professional I’m sure.

Thanks for bearing with me on Tue – please continue to join us live online each week 🙏

Actually, Thursday’s Zoom class was so much better, I definitely used the webcam – so everyone could see me head-toe (not just ½ of me).  Phew 😊 & fab comments too 🙏

Remember that if you’d like to join our Zoom classes at 6.30pm, to use the log in link & details that I sent out in a recent email – or email me for those again & I’ll send them to you.


How was the Zoom Waiting Room experience when you logged in?  👍  or 👎

Did you see my health declaration/disclaimer 📑 on screen when you logged on too?

You’ll have seen my welcome message on screen when in the Waiting Room I’m sure too.

If you know you’re going to attend one of our Zoom classes, it would be great if you could let me know then I’ll add you to my class list.  However, it’s not imperative – you can log on and as long as I see it’s you, that’s fine. 

Also, if you think I might not recognise your Zoom log in name (which is sometimes different from your own name), please let me know what it is and that it’s YOU, thanks.

There’s a Zoom tutorial to help guide you if like me, you’re new to Zoom:

Remember to ensure that you drink enough and stay hydrated.  If we become dehydrated, it’s difficult to stay alert, to focus and it has a negative impact on our workout.  Even mild dehydration can affect alertness and concentration.  I read that not drinking enough water can cause blood to thicken, increase heart rate and decrease the amount of blood the heart pumps which will have a negative impact on performance.

Keep yourself energised by drinking enough fluids – even in colder weather.

Bring water with you to our morning classes and drink or sip water during online classes too.

Well this newsletter is all about new venue/new Zoom classes and not much more but it was just to update you and to encourage you to continue to join us ‘in person’ and online.

Oh and I really really want to thank the couple of new people who joined us last week – you are sooo welcome and I hope that you’ll join us again this week onwards.

Also thank you to returning people – it’s good to have you back and good to work out with you again.

I hope you didn’t have sore legs a couple of days after your first class (or 1st class back)!!

Anyway, welcome, welcome, please continue to join us when you can.  Thank you 😊

On Friday, after the class, I made peacamole for lunch which was delicious on toasted sourdough.  In a blender, I added an avocado, 3 sundried tomatoes, a couple of fresh tomatoes, some chilli flakes, some defrosted organic peas, salt & pepper.  Delicious and adding peas = some protein as well as good fats from the avo.

peacamole on sourdough

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