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Hi and welcome to this week’s Complementary Fitness news

In one of my Instagram posts this week, there was a photo of resistance bands and the post gave a description of various band types (ie hooped, long stretchy elastic length which can be tied or the one we use on a Wednesday morning is a rounded length of elastic with handles on the ends) and why they’re beneficial to use in our workouts.

When we pull on a resistance band, you can feel the resistance that’s exerted on our muscles and the more you pull, the more resistance so using them for legs, mid / upper body or arms is a great way to strengthen muscles in those areas.

Resistance bands are also great for lengthening and stretching too ie we can stand on the band and do some hamstring stretches or stretch the side of the body by holding on to the ends of the band and reaching up.

We can also use resistance bands when lying on our yoga mat ie on our back, wrapping the band round one foot and lengthening that leg up to the ceiling improving flexibility in the hamstrings.

Bands come in various styles as I mentioned, different colours and strengths and the heavier or more taut the band when using, you’ll get a more challenging workout.

They’re so easy to put in your bag and take to classes, to the park, on holiday or take out into the garden and do a few stretches with them.

You’re welcome to join us on a Wednesday at Thistle Padel Court and workout along with us using your own resistance band – they really add resistance to our workout and you notice a difference when doing the same exercise or stretch with/without the band.

Just in case you’d heard about and planned to go to Foodies Festival which was to be held from 6-8 August at Mod 2, Modern Art Gallery, Belford Road, I read that the event has been postponed until 2022 because of Covid restrictions.

I mentioned in last week’s newsletter that there are to be more new restaurants opening up in Edinburgh soon (I mentioned Henderson’s and I’m looking forward to that) but Erpingham House (currently in Brighton and Norwich) is opening a new plant based veggie/vegan restaurant in the new Bonnie & Wild marketplace foodhall in St James Quarter soon – I can’t wait.

Erpingham House have a great blog page too with all sorts of interesting articles, recipes etc which you can find at Erpingham House – News

We’re in the process of having our house redecorated (you may remember ‘phase 1’ ended up with me having a sore throat from all the paintwork & I had to take a few days off).

We’re currently in phase 2 and I’m hoping that I’ve somehow built up immunity to inhaling fresh paint and that I’ll be fine this time round!

I’m trying to be out and about as much as I can or at least keep as many windows open as I can for more fresh air.  Luckily the weather has been good and, digressing a bit here but, when we’re out in the sunshine, our bodies produce vitamin D which is crucial for keeping our bones, teeth and muscles healthy.  Being exposed to the sun’s rays and enjoying the sunshine, has been linked to increased levels of serotonin ’happy hormone’, yay.

Anyway, back to the decorating story/the point: because literally just about everything has had to be moved when rooms are being painted/decorated, it makes you look at all the stuff that’s lying around, all the stuff we accumulate and it’s making me think about decluttering – again.

I mentioned decluttering before and did ‘have a go’ at it but well… I/we just accumulate more stuff and we end up with too much.

In a previous newsletter, I came across this idea when decluttering of getting rid of/donating one item on day one, 2 items on day 2, 3 items on day 3 etc etc for 30 days which, when you think about it, is a lot of items.  Doesn’t sound a lot but by day 7, you’ve looked out 28 items and by day 30…… it’s a lot.  However, it doesn’t have to be big things, it could just be small items so might think about that method again, hmm.

Occasionally, I do like to get organised and put unused or ‘good but never-really-wear’ items in a bag or box for charity and feel great about having a clear out.

But it can be hard to find the time to declutter especially when there’s a never-ending list of other things to do when we’re busy.  Finally getting round to decluttering doesn’t have to be a whole day or weekend task or event though, maybe allocate just 5 or 10 minutes a day to the task of tidying, sorting, bagging, recycling to have a big impact.

As you’ll know, I’m not a ‘make up person’, and only just wear mascara and maybe use an eye pencil and that’s it but did you know that there’s a use by date on these items too (usually 6 months I think but don’t quote me) so might be an idea to start with your make up bag.  Just a thought.

This might make you laugh….I applied to be an echo expert but I haven’t heard back yet!

A reminder that this week’s Wed & Fri classes are still at 10am but next week (Wed 11 & Fri 13 Aug), they’re at the earlier time of 9am then ‘back to normal’ again after that.

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s newsletter & look forward to seeing you in a class/classes this week.

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Classes £5 each & you can pay by bank transfer (I can give you my bank details), by card machine when you come to the class or cash.

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