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Complementary Fitness 19 Oct News + updates

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Firstly, I’m sorry that I felt I had to cancel last Tuesday’s and Wednesday morning’s classes because of all the rain we had before those classes.  I felt that I had to give you as much notice as possible as to whether classes were going ahead or not as I know some of you come to classes straight from work and some travel a bit of a distance to get there too.

It was just typical though that at 6.15pm on Tue & 9.30am on Wed, that the rain was off!!  And that from 9.30am onwards on Wed, it was dry, no rain!!

Oh well, ‘them’s the breaks’ – not!

I know some of you were concerned about the grass being sooo wet, slippery, slidey, maybe unsafe for all those lunges that we love to do so thought best to cancel in the circumstances 😥

I always knew that by the end of October, that we’d be heading into darker nights, wetter weather, on/off rain etc and nothing much we can do about it outdoors.

But I have to say last Thursday’s 6.15pm class weather-wise was ‘just perfect’ (almost).  It was such a dry, still evening.  We started off with jackets but as we got warmer, they were taken off.  It was a great class and so good to see you there.

On leaving and returning home after the class, at around 7.30p, we noticed the outside temperature and it was actually 11 degrees at that time of night!  A-ma-zing 😀

We also had a great Friday fitness yoga class too and with a couple of ‘new’ people joining us: you’re so welcome, as you ALL ARE 😊

This is our 2nd week of new/current restrictions of having to be outdoors for all classes.

So all classes as above at Paties Road Recreation Grounds as usual again – weather permitting this week.

However the following week (w/c 26/10), on a Wednesday & Friday morning, I’ve booked Court 1 (called Adidas) at Thistle Padel Courts at 10am start.

Look right to the back – it’s BIG

We probably won’t get in before 10am because of other bookings and I’ve been told that normally when waiting to get onto a court, people wait outside where those tables & chairs are.  Similarly, we have to be out BY 11am for the next booking so we’ll have to finish up by 10.50/10.55am latest on those mornings.

If early/before 10am, wait here

I’ve got a regular Wed & Fri 10am booking on a 4 weekly basis to be reviewed for a subsequent 4 weekly booking.  I’ve told them that we’re waiting to hear and get back into our usual hall (Dreghorn Loan hall) on those mornings. 

When we do hear that we can get back into our Dreghorn Loan hall, I’ve to give the Padel Centre a week’s notice.

I hope that you’ll join us this week for all our outdoor classes and hope that you’ll also join us in our ‘outdoor but covered’ dry BIG COURT next week in the mornings.

Enter from Paties Rd car park, walk up the path to Thistle Padel court 1 “Adidas”

I’ve been trying and trying to find a place for our evening classes.  I’ve tried ‘everywhere’ – all the suggestions that you’ve made, all the places that I’ve passed, popped in, phoned, emailed etc but to no avail.  I can’t get in anywhere – yet.

However, I don’t want to just give up our evening sessions and feel that it would be unfair for those who can only join us in the evenings so ….

I’m planning on teaching online – either through Zoom (live) or a Youtube Unlisted or Private link.

Can you let me know if you’d be interested in attending online, joining & paying and if 6.30pm would still be best or slightly later 6.45 or 7pm?

I’d have to charge but am thinking of even 30 minute classes which would obviously be done in your own home.  Not having to travel or rush to get to a venue.  Staying warm & cozy.

And …. It’ll be darker an hour earlier next week in the evenings too!  That’s a thought. 🧐

So if interested, rather than obviously paying cash or by contactless/chip & pin, it’d need to be by bank transfer but I can give you my details if you don’t have them 📱  ➡ 📲

More info on this soon.  Watch this space (as they say) or for the odd 🥴 email.

Wouldn’t it just be great if/when we can get back into Dreghorn Loan hall and Craiglockhart church hall again though?  I can’t wait.  I really miss both halls and seeing you ALL.

I’m looking forward to that extra hour this weekend – are you?

A reminder to buy & bring your pumpkin for next Wednesday’s Halloween workout (at the Padel Court) when we’ll use it in the weight training section of the class. 

Remember to get your Halloween outfit on for a bit of fun 😏 and lots of layers too.

Reminder to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, specifically those that contain vitamin C, (ie oranges, strawberries, peppers & broccoli) as well as veggies containing beta-carotene (vitamin A), (ie red peppers, carrots and spinach).  If we do eat a variety of fruits & vegetables, we keep our immune system topped up to hopefully prevent colds & viruses. or click here for Complementary Fitness Youtube channel

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