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Complementary Fitness 19 Nov Newsletter

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I hope you’ll join our Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & core resistance classes in Dreghorn Loan Hall, Colinton + Craiglockhart church hall, Edinburgh to help you improve your fitness, strength, stamina, core, posture and flexibility
All our class details and times are on the Classes page of my website.

This week’s FITNESS & LIFESTYLE updates are:

Did you know that?
I’ve been reading an article based on findings about yoga for dementia ie that yoga can help people who have dementia but the article does talk about yoga benefits for all of us:

• Yoga and meditation exercises have been shown to be better than some standard memory exercises in improving mental functioning eg meditation can result in improvements in brain grey matter that’s involved in learning and memory, regulating emotions, sense of self and having perspective.

• Living with dementia can bring with it stress and anxiety and breathing exercises can help deal with these feelings by activating the parasympathetic nervous system and the “relaxation response”.

• It’s estimated that up to 40% of people living with Alzheimer’s disease also have depression and yoga has been shown to help manage the symptoms of depression.

• Dementia often results in people losing a sense of their location in space (known as special awareness). Yoga exercises can help improve both special awareness and proprioception (our sense of the relative position of our own body parts and strength of effort in movement)

• Loneliness and a lack of social relationships has been linked to a risk of dementia. Group yoga classes can provide a safe non-judgmental space for people to do activities together and can help form social bonds.

• Yoga can help with the mind, body and emotional aspects of our lives.

The article concluded by saying that it’s never too late to try new things or to form new bonds with people.
I know that there are lots of benefits to group exercise classes including the social, (friendships, bonds etc) along with the physical (fitness, control, flexibility, strength etc) and mindful (relaxation, breathing, focus etc) aspects and we feel that we are ‘part of a team/group’ which is also important for each of us.
Exercise is also great for keeping our brain health, routines and moving in different directions and with the upper body working in one plane and the lower body moving in a different plane makes us think about what we’re doing and to focus on the task in hand.

There are 3 planes of movement/motion that our body can move in and they are:
1) Sagittal plane where we move forward or backwards and flexion/extension

2) Frontal plane where movements in this plane are sideways ie abduction/adduction

3) Transverse plane where movements are rotational

Class comments
We got another lovely comment about our classes, thanks very much
“I love your classes. I have never stuck at exercise before but I’ve been doing this now for over 2 years! Please never ever retire, you are an inspiration and a star’.
(Sorry I nearly didn’t want to tell you about the last comment re inspiration/star but well, there it is.
I’m not a star but it’s nice to hear)
(Claire N Tue/Thurs class)

End-of-term celebration and get-together:
I’ve asked The Swing Café to put aside a table for 20-25 of us for coffee and cake on Wednesday 12 Dec from around 10.45am. They don’t see an issue with the date but when they confirm with me this week, I’ll let you know asap.
For the past 20+ years, we’ve always gone out for lunch at the end of June and again in December but because of a bereavement last year, I wasn’t up for going out for lunch. I decided that we could still go for coffee/cake instead so that’s what we did – went to The Swing and it was great. Someone then suggested that we do the same in June this year and it was another great success. It means we don’t have to rush home from a class, shower, change, get in to town for 12.30-ish when we’ve all got lots on especially in December.
The Swing is part of Colinton Parish Church so we’re supporting the church too.
We finish our classes on Fri 14 Dec but thought everyone would prefer the Wednesday.
Even if you can’t manage the class that day, you’re still welcome to join us for coffee, tea, cake etc.

We’ll have our usual Fitness Pilates/Fitness Yoga by Candlelight classes on a Tue & Thursday in December which are on Tue 4 + 11 and Thurs 6 and 13 December. So what happens is: we bring our own tea lights and candle holders and we do our usual warm up, then a short Pilates or yoga session and at about 40 minutes into the class, we light our tea lights. I put the lights off, we put our sweat tops back on, keep cozy and stretch and focus on our breathing and relaxation for the last 20 minutes of the class. I can’t wait.

I look forward to seeing you and working out with you this week in Dreghorn Loan Hall and Craiglockhart Church Hall so that we can continue to improve on our fitness levels, strength, posture balance and flexibility together.

Take care SUSAN
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