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Complementary Fitness 19 April Newsletter

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Hi & welcome to this week’s fitness newsletter & updates:

Some comments from you about last week’s classes:

“Thoroughly enjoyed the class today (Wed). You always manage to add something a little different to test our brain cells”

“Just to let you know I really enjoyed this morning’s class (Wed) and have felt wide awake all day as a result of doing it.  The padel court is a good place to have it with lots of fresh air”.

“I do enjoy your classes  Susan & this week, you’ve excelled yourself! For feelgood factor afterwards, this one has been my favourite so far (Thurs) so thank you again & well done on all the ways you’ve kept your classes going”,

Thank you all for taking the time to send me your lovely comments, I’m very grateful.

I read a ‘your new evening routing’ post the other day which asked us to choose 3 (& implement). Made me think & I wonder what’s on your list or things that you do in the evening to help you relax & prepare for a good night’s sleep.

They might include:

  • Hot or warm shower or bath
  • Prioritise self care
  • Read for 30 mins
  • Meditation
  • Drink a mug of herbal tea eg chamomile
  • In a journal, write down 3 things that went well today or 3 things you’re grateful for
  • Write your to do list for tomorrow
  • Put your phone or ipad away.
  • Wear blue light blocking glasses if watching tv in the evening
  • Dim the lights

On Saturday, we went a walk in the Dell & went foraging for wild garlic, wild leek, nettles & hairy bittercress – all very nutritious.

I’ve just found out about hairy bittercress (yes honestly) & the wild leek – who knew?

Let me know if you pick & harvest & use any of these or anything else ie dandelions or sticky willie.  Oh and btw, wear gloves when picking nettles as you’ll know, they sting and can irritate the skin.

There is just soooo much wild leek in the dell at the moment & you can eat it raw & it has a lovely taste, I really like it.  It tastes like garlic-onion-leek.

On Saturday morning, I’d made red lentil, veg & coconut soup and when we got back from our walk, after washing them all, we blended some wild garlic leaves & wild leek with some olive oil & pine nuts & used as a drizzle on top of the soup.  Then sprinkled some chopped hairy bittercress on top (also delicious).

On Sunday, we had the rest of the lentil soup (I like to make a big batch for at least 6 people/2 or 3 days) so as well as the green pesto (wild garlic & leek as above), having looked on youtube 1st, I used scissors to cut off the nettle leaves, washed & dried them & put them in a pan of coconut oil & fried them for a few minutes until they were wilted.  Oh they were tasty, we both loved them.

I’ve been told I need to steep the nettles in some hot water first to remove the sting and they can be used to make nettle tea.

Youtube is a great place to find out & see videos on all of these if you’re interested.

Quotes that I like or that make you think:

Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit – Vince Lombardi Jr.

Look in the mirror.  That’s your competition John Assaraf

I hope that you enjoyed reading this week’s newsletter.  Let me know what you thought.

I look forward to seeing you this week for more fun & fitness either online or outdoors.

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