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First of all: update after last Tuesday’s cancelled class –

I’ll also begin by saying “be careful what you wish for” too!

Last Tuesday, I mostly had an easy day, getting ‘stuff’ done; Christmas present list typed up (I have to get organised again this year in advance as we’re away before Xmas), got a couple of upcoming birthday presents wrapped, online coursework done but also thought: ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have a couple of days off’ – that’s the ‘be careful what you wish for’ part!  OK we’re all human and although I always absolutely love teaching my classes, love seeing you and working out with you, I do occasionally think, (like we all do probably): ‘I could just stay in and do … xyz or … sit and watch …. on tv, shut the blinds (on these early dark nights) and just chill instead of going out and exercising.  But I can’t do that – I even taught the class the week before on 5 Nov with a blinding migraine – unusual for me.  So when I get to a class, I always feel better for being there and exercising, working out and stretching.  If I was a participant in the class, I’d think: ‘I’m glad I made the effort and went’. 

So, anyway and however; last Tuesday, for some unknown, strange reason, around 5.30pm while sitting watching Pointless (as you do), my right foot suddenly became really painful.  I tried for an hour and a half to ease the pain and muscle ache by rolling my foot with a tennis ball without any relief and oh, it was sore.  I somehow got my trainer on my strapped-up foot and hobbled to the car ready to come to the class.  As I couldn’t put any weight on my foot, my husband had to drive me up to Craiglockhart and help me towards the church door.  As I met everyone who came along to the class, I explained and apologised but said I’d have to cancel the class.  I was advised to go (thanks guys) and get it x-rayed there/then so we decided to go to Minor Injuries at the Western.  You’ll not believe it but – as I couldn’t put weight on it, and it was sooooo painful, I had to sit in a wheelchair and be wheeled to the department and wait to be seen!  Long story/short: as no injury as such/no fall etc, they wouldn’t x-ray it but advised to rest, ice, compress & elevate (RICE) it and was given crutches!  The nurse thought maybe it was tendonitis over the top of my foot.  Omg – I felt like 105 hobbling & in the wheelchair though!  I did the RICE thing when home, took painkillers & elevated my leg during the night.  Luckily, I had a great sleep and in the morning, woke up and …miracle! 98% better.  I could walk, put weight on it so decided to still do my Wednesday morning class. 

Sorry, long story but apologies for cancelling and especially if you turned up then had to go home again.  Some of you (jokingly, ha, who knows? – ‘no names’ btw!) said they’d go home and have a glass of wine instead!  Cheers.

Have you read a recent article in The Telegraph (5/11): daily exercise can ‘neutralise’ the risk of depression even in people with a high genetic risk of the condition.  Scientists said the Harvard study showed “genes are not destiny”.

The research found that on average, every 35 minutes spent on activities such as yoga and dance classes or using a treadmill, rowing machine or cross-trainer appeared to lower the risk of depression by 17 %.

Scientists said the research involving almost 8,000 people is the first to show how physical activity can influence depression despite genetic risk.

Aerobics classes, yoga, stretching and gym-based machine workouts appeared to be the most effective activities to protect against depression and running and walking also have an impact.

Studies suggest around 40% of the risk of developing depression is genetic, with the condition commonly passed down through families.

Research published in the Depression And Anxiety journal suggests that exercise could have a protective effect, even in those with a high genetic risk of the disorder.

The newspaper article also said any form of regular physical activity – whether it’s running, dance classes or stretching is not only beneficial for our physical health but also a great way to improve our wellbeing. 

Did you also know that:

*Kaizen is the Japanese concept of small steps leading to big changes through continuous improvement.  Kaizen means improvement.  I like that and … you learn something new every day.

*We still need to drink enough water – even though we’re into the winter season, our central heating is on (which can be dehydrating), we’re still exercising, and our bodies and mind still need water to hydrate and replenish. 

Some ways to increase our recommended 1½ – 2L water intake are:

Eat more fruit and vegetables

always keep water handy at all times inc by your bed if you wake during the night

maybe add a slice of lemon, orange, cucumber or herbs to your glass/bottle for flavour

keep track of how much and when you drink each day – there are lots of apps to monitor and remind you or set an alert on your phone

*there’s no Fitness Yoga/Pilates class on Thurs 12 Dec because of the General Election but if you normally come to our Thursday 7pm class, please try to make it to another class that week, thanks.  We still have a class on Fri 13 Dec. 

Oh and another unavoidable class cancellation Tue 14 Jan:  Advance Notice

Craiglockhart Church contractors have arranged to supply and fit new double glazed windows in the main hall which means that we can’t get access to the Large Hall that night.  (Other groups/organisations have had to cancel that week too).  It’s so unfortunate as we’ll only have just started back the week before on 7 Jan but sorry, just can’t be helped.  However, again if you normally come to our Tuesday 7.30pm classes, please try to come to say our Thursday 7pm fitness yoga/Pilates class in Dreghorn Loan church hall, Colinton on Thurs 15 January instead.  I know it seems ages away and this is only November but time’s marching on – put the date and alternative arrangements in your diary/calender/phone etc but I’ll remind again in newsletters & classes.

I hope that you’ll continue to work out with me/us up – only a few weeks till the end of term.

Take care, see you soon.