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Complementary Fitness 18 July Newsletter

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Hi and welcome to this week’s newsletter

Just to remind you that from this week, (Tuesday 19 July onwards), class prices increase to £6 per class. 

You can still

  • pay cash (I’ve always got change),
  • pay directly into my bank account (I can give you my sort code & a/c number)
  • or use the SumUp card machine (I pay a fee per transaction but it’s not horrendous).


One of the reasons we may want to join a gym or fitness class is to improve our strength.

Strength by definition is: ‘the capacity to withstand great force or pressure’.

In the fitness world, it can also be defined as: ‘the maximal ability to lift a load’.

However, in our class, we’re not going all-out to lift the maximum heaviest weight that we could possibly lift once (as in a weight lifting competition).


If we start as a beginner in a resistance training class or workout ie using our own body weight or weights or resistance bands, we soon see improvements in our ability to perform exercises, sets, reps etc.

We might start off with an adaptive body weight exercise maybe when we ‘ease in’ at first to over time, applying more challenging variations of the same exercise eg in a press up, plank or squat.

We might start off using our own body weight as resistance then perhaps start to incorporate light then moderate then heavier resistance bands and/or weights.  If we do, over time, we’ll find that we can use them for longer durations or progressively increase the weight that we’re using.

We’ll find that we improve our endurance and capacity.


So thinking about the word ‘strength’, I’m sure that we’ll agree that if we’re able to do something now that that we couldn’t do previously, when it relates to improved performance, then we’re getting stronger.


Remember: always do what’s right for you, see how you feel, adapt when necessary whether that’s easing back or increasing tension, weight or trying and doing more challenging exercise options and variations.


Even though we always do our best, it’s not about perfection, it’s about progress.

Advance notice re venue changes on 4 & 5 Aug:

As Dreghorn Loan Hall isn’t available for us on Thursday 4 or Friday 5 August, I’ve organised for us to be in the Dell Room, Colinton Parish Church (where the Swing café is) on Thursday 4 Aug for our fitness Pilates class at 7pm.

You’ll know that the Dell Room has a lovely outlook which is very peaceful and calming.

There are some parking spaces but you may wish to walk down the Long Steps from village and meet us in the Dell Room which is in the church building.


On Friday 5 Aug, we’re at Thistle Padel Court and as they only take bookings ‘on the hour’, I’ve opted for our fitness yoga class to start at 9am.  If you haven’t been to Thistle Padel Court before, it’s an outdoor covered space, one that we used before when we could exercise together in an ‘outdoor space’.  Plenty of fresh air and there’s plenty of parking in the car park and there’s also additional parking in the overspill car park too.

I’ll remind you of those two dates nearer the time but you may wish to take note of the dates and add them to your calendar/in your diary etc as a reminder of venues and 9am start on 5 Aug.


You may remember a few weeks ago that I told you I’ve started following @glucose goddess and bought Jessie Inchauspe’s book ‘Glucose Revolution’ which is all about reducing our glucose spike and reducing inflammation etc.

I thought you might like to read her blog about what to eat at breakfast time to reduce insulin spikes What is the ideal breakfast? | Glucose Goddess


A funny: I went out with a lot of electricians for dinner last week.  They didn’t have a starter but went straight for the mains!  Ha ha.


I came across this recipe for a courgette walnut bread and thought I’d try it out and you might be interested in it too.  For quickness, click on ‘Jump to recipe’ rather than scrolling down.

Zucchini Walnut Bread – Becomingness


A quick fact about rocket: it’s packed with calcium, potassium, folate, vitamins A, C and K.

Add some of these greens into your salad coz they’re nutrient-dense, high in fibre and contain powerful phytochemicals.


And a tweet from @DrFrankLipman I thought you’d find interesting:

‘If you want to keep your hormones more balanced, ditch sugar and the processed foods.  Not only does the bad stuff push the body into a pro-inflammatory state, it encourages weight gain and extra body fat pumps out its share of unneeded and unwanted oestrogen’.


It was great seeing you last week and I’m grateful for the lovely comments that we got about our classes, different sequences, stretches etc.

With kind permission to print her comment and after last week’s Thursday fitness yoga/Pilates class, here’s what MW said:  “I loved the class tonight.   Some new moves as usual which is great.  I’ve missed it for de-stressing.  Looking forward to next week’s class already   Thanks for all the continued great classes”.


I look forward to seeing you & working out with you this week too.

Thanks for the great feedback from last week’s classes too.


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