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Complementary Fitness 18 December newsletter

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Welcome to this week’s newsletter & updates:

Well, no classes this week as we finished on Fri 15 Dec.

This week, we’ll all be getting organised buying and wrapping presents, writing cards or sending e-cards, getting our food shopping lists up to date (hoping that we don’t forget anything) and generally gearing up for ‘the big day’, seeing family etc.  Have fun.


Anyway, I just wanted to say a massive big THANK YOU for another successful year of progress in your own fitness, strength and flexibility.

Thank you for your commitment in attending our classes weekly/when you can.

It’s always lovely to see you and to work out with you and I really appreciate YOU and all of your lovely comments etc.


Looking forward to seeing you and working out with you in our classes next year from Fri 5 January onwards.

In the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas, have fun and relax as much as you can too.

It’s all about balance ie diving about, getting organised but enjoying quality time with family and friends too.


I’ll not send out a fitness newsletter next Monday, ‘on the big day’ but will email one out the following week/in the New year to remind you of start-back dates for our 2024 classes.


However, feel free to do some ‘homework’ if you want (if you must!, ha).

Some squats and lunges here and there, a few stretches will all help.

Otherwise, if we don’t, what will those legs feel like after our first class back in January?

Oh my goodness, the DOMS!  Aka delayed onset muscle soreness, yikes!

Easiest and best way that you can pay for classes:

  • With cash ie £6 per class (always best and I have change)
  • Directly into my bank account (if you don’t have my details, email me and I can give you my sort code & business account number).
  • Alternatively, using contactless directly to my iphone in class


Remember to let me know if you have any comments, news and keep me updated with anything that’s happening with you ie health-related stuff, goals, achievements etc.

Connecting with Susan:

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