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Complementary Fitness 17 June news + info

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this week’s FITNESS & LIFESTYLE info, news & updates…

It’s our 3rd week of our Tuesday ‘Fresh-air Fitness Pilates classes’ at the new start time in June of 7pm in Paties Road Recreation Grounds.

Last week’s class was much better weather-wise than the previous week so I’m pleased to say that we kept dry and all enjoyed exercising and stretching in the fresh air.  The grass had also been cut so smelt lovely and when we did eventually lie on our mat for a ‘roll up/down’, it was sooo nice and soft under the mat.

I/we look forward to more of the same this week too.  You may also remember that in a recent newsletter, I said that research suggests than spending just 20 minutes in a park can improve our happiness, regardless of whether we’re exercising or relaxing.  Being in a natural environment can boost our endorphin levels and reduce our stress levels.  If that’s research is based on a 20 minute in a park/natural environment, just think of the benefits of our hour-long class this week and next!  Bring it on!

exercising and stretching outdoors has many benefits – enjoy

On Friday night, we stayed in Glasgow and went to a really great vegan restaurant called Soul Food Kitchen in Sauchiehall Street.  It was the first time we’d been there and the food was delicious and we’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for somewhere different in Glasgow’s West End.  On Saturday, we’d booked and went along to a 3 hour Summer Ferments Workshop (which was just outside Glasgow).  It was all about the power of food, nutrition and especially fermented food and drinks to heal the body.  The course instructor told us that everything was packed with probiotics and was simple and inexpensive to make at home.  We tasted different plant-based fermented recipes as she made them and she gave us a pdf file away so I’m going to try making my own sauerkraut, probiotic dressings, dips etc.  #watchthisspace

More quotes that I like and thought you might too…

“the best strategy we’ve got is to just add in the good stuff!  Eventually it’s going to crowd out the bad stuff” – David Wolfe

“amazing health, like true love and affection, is about the only thing you cannot buy or cheat at” – Jason Vale and

“today, more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise” – Mike Adams

I love this tweet by the Dalai Lama: ‘Of the 7 billion human beings alive today, no one wants to suffer; no one chooses to have problems.  Yet, many of the problems we face are our own creation.  Why? because of ignorance.  But ignorance is not permanent and whether we overcome it depends on whether we make the effort’.

I must say that I love CoYo coconut yoghurt – it’s organic and dairy free.  I just went onto their website and see that they have lots of lovely recipes using their yoghurt and you might like to see/try at

According to The Natural Hydration Council, 89% of us don’t drink enough water every day.

Our bodies are made up of nearly 2/3 of water, so losing even 1 – 2% of our water content (on a hot summer’s day (I wish!!!) or during a tough work out) can start to affect the quality of many body functions: from digestion to the immune system and even our mental performance and mood can be affected too.  I’ve got into the habit of having lemon water first thing in the morning again (freshly squeezed lemon juice in hot water) which is very refreshing and feel that this habit gets me off to a good start.  Drinking water, tea and eating fruit & veggies also helps.  Bring water with you to classes and sip throughout when you need to.  Oh and I also read a great tip to keeping ourselves hydrated when on a flight: avoid alcohol and caffeine (which are dehydrating) but instead, ask for lemon or lime in your water and if you carry a small packet of Himalayan salt (as you do – but then again, why not?), the salt helps your cells draw water inside them and keeps you hydrated and your body functioning efficiently.

stay hydrated throughout the day

Up-and-coming events:

Edinburgh Jazz Festival is on again from 12-21 July with various concerts, events and venues for you to enjoy.  Find out more and book at

I look forward to seeing you this week for more fitness, fun, exercise/stretch options & variations while we’re working towards improving our flexibility, strength, posture and balance too. 

Remember to join me/us in any/ALL of our classes (incl outdoors – weather-permitting) and there’s no need to book – just turn up and join us.

Lastly, keep me updated with your health and fitness goals and achievements and any comments, thanks.


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