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This week’s BIG news: WE’RE BACK and OUTDOORS

at Paties Road Recreation Grounds with plenty of open air space to accommodate us.

More news about that below though.

Paties Road Recreation Grounds

I’m sure that you’re aware that a lot of us have become much more sedentary over the last 5 months.  The plan at the beginning of lockdown were (for a lot of us inc me) was to keep going, continue with daily, if not weekly, fitness routines, walking, running etc but as time rolled on, one day seemed the same as the next.  

I’m sorry to say that I fell of the ‘fitness wagon’ ☹

I didn’t have the same motivation to exercise that I did when exercising with you before. 

I know it’s just not the same exercising on your own but I should’ve been more disciplined. 

A big failing on my part. 

Other things seemed to get in the way or take up my time: gardening, online coursework and just stuff but those are probably just excuses.

A lot of us haven’t kept up with the national physical activity guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week or 75 mins of vigorous intensity activity a week but that’s all going to change this week, yesssss!

I did send you some links of wee short exercise videos now and then and also sent links daily to short 5 or 6 min of exercise in our July’s Core Challenge to those who signed up to it.

I could’ve and should’ve found out about and started livestreaming online classes like a lot of other instructors have done but there seemed to be a lot of restrictions (ie music) etc involved in doing that.  Maybe/probably another excuse!

A recent study published on 5 May, says that because gym facilities and fitness classes had to close due to Covid, with self isolation and social distancing, dramatic changes instantly changed our behaviour patterns. 

Long term quarantining has had an effect on mental health too resulting in higher levels of depression, loneliness, stress and anxiety. 

We’re no longer as active as we were. 

Levels of obesity have increased. 

Screen time has increased. 

A lot of us have taken up tv subscriptions and binge-watched films and various series (by the way, did you watch Ch 5’s The Deceived?  Wasn’t it good? but ha, that’s what I mean about increased sedentary behaviour, inactivity and increased screen time!). 

It is so sad and tragic though that so many thousands of people have lost their lives because of the pandemic.

On a cheerier and more positive note, I want to thank you for keeping in touch with me over the last few months, keeping me updated and letting me know that you’re coming back and looking forward to getting together and exercising again. 

A big THANK YOU TO YOU for your loyalty and support.

So as you’ll see above, WE’RE BACK THIS WEEK and to be safe, our classes will be all outdoors and at Paties Road Recreation Grounds (directions & info below) and weather-permitting (again, see below re possible changes).

I’ll keep an eye on weather forecasts but we’re planning on stating our first outdoor class tomorrow: Tuesday 18 August and going for an earlier than usual start time of 6.15pm. 

(See the other planned days & times above).

Oh I’ve had a look at the forecasts for Colinton and so far, here’s what the temperature etc is likely to be for our outdoor classes:

on Tue, around 6pm, it’s to be 19° (temp feels like 21°) & light winds

on Wed around 9am, it’s to be 15° (temp feels like 17°), light cloud & light winds.

on Thurs around 6pm, temp around 19° but a 40% chance of light rain and gentle breeze

on Fri around 9am, temp to be 15° (with a 20% low chance of light rain showers)

So at the time of looking at the forecast, I’d say classes are ALL ON but maybe on Thurs 6.15pm and Fri 9.30am, bring a light rain jacket, just in case those the low chance of light rain comes to anything.

In last week’s newsletter, I gave info about the classes and I’ve edited a bit but copied & pasted the details again just in case you didn’t get it or open it.  

Here are the details again..

Evening classes new start time at 6.15pm

on Tuesday 18 Aug and also on Thurs 20 Aug 6.15pm

If you can pop along 5/10 mins earlier, I’ll be there at around 6pm/6.05pm to welcome you back, set up my class speaker so we can have some music (we’ll respect noise levels for neighbours).

Morning classes starting at 9.30am

on Wednesday 19 Aug and also Fri 21 Aug (again, I’ll be there a wee bit earlier, around 9.20am ish).

What I’ll do each week is: I’ll find out in advance what the temperature and % of rain precipitation is to be and repeat what I’m doing here ie put the info in each week’s newsletter which you’ll get on the Monday as usual.

As we know, the weather can change though one way or the other.

If we find out that the weather’s to be awful with lots of rain for our classes/sessions, I’ll send you a ‘change of plan’ email as soon as I can and we can re-arrange if possible to another time and/or day. 

If you don’t hear from me, and the weather’s dry, we’ll go ahead as planned.  I’ll be there.

If you’re unsure if a class may go ahead because of the weather, you can always email me though and I’ll confirm either way. 

As you know, our Scottish weather makes it difficult to plan and organise anything with certainty!

But let’s be positive. 

The weather can also change to be much better than expected which would be a bonus so maybe pack your sunglasses too  😎

Payment for classes,

1) You’ve got the option to still pay cash (what’s that? ha) if you want to pay for single, 2 or 4 classes up front although please be aware that I don’t have any/much change to give you.

2) I’m also happy to give you my bank sort code and account number to pay for classes and can give you my details when I see you for your 1st class or send my details in a private message or email (obviously, please don’t forward it).

(Ps I’ve looked into the idea of getting one of those small card reader payment machines but to take a card payment, it has to be connected to the internet – not easy when we’re outdoors so that’s not a go-er unfortunately)

Here’s what we’ll do and things to consider:

  • We’ll start off easy-ish, and re-build our fitness, strength & flexibility over time.  We don’t need to go all-out or for 100% when we start back but as always, do what what’s best for us individually.  We’ll adapt and take easier options when we need to. 
  • Bring your mat and water, wear your trainers and maybe a long sleeve top or lightweight jacket.  If sunny, bring your sunglasses, wear sunscreen (ever hopeful) and a cap/sunhat.
  • Again, please update me in advance with any health or related issues and obviously (goes without saying, but …) for your and others’ safety, don’t come to a class if you fell unwell in any way.
  • Walking or driving to Paties Road Recreation Grounds, Katesmill Road, EH14 1JF: here are detailed directions again: 

Directions to Paties Road Rec Grounds from 1) Craiglockhart and from 2) Colinton Road…

1) from Craiglockhart church as a reference point, drive or walk towards the main road (Craiglockhart Ave) and go straight over onto Craiglockhart Drive South and keep going.  When you come to the stone built gatehouse, turn up sharp left (still on Craiglockhart Drive South)  It’s kind of a narrow street with woods on the left, houses on the right but just keep going until you come to the open recreation grounds on the right side – that’s it, that’s where we’ll be in there next to the trees.


if coming from Craiglockhart, passing the Rec Grounds on the right, continue driving until you get to foodball pitch (on the right) and try and get a space in there OR continue and park at the Squash Sports Club. 

There’s also residential parking in Elliot Road too (turn up Paties Rd and Elliot Rd is first left).

2) If coming from Colinton Road, turn down Paties Road which is first left past Merchiston School and opposite Redford Barracks. 

The recreation grounds are straight ahead of you at the bottom of Paties Road and we’ll be on the right side of in the grounds next to the trees.

Parking: possibly park in Elliot Road if you can which, if coming from Colinton, is down Paties Rd, and the last opening on the right.

We’re going to build up and improve our fitness, core and overall strength & flexibility again over time starting this week.  Yesssss, we can do it together.

We’ll also improve our mental health, have fun, and connect with each other again (still being aware of some social distancing ha 😊)

We’ll be out in the open air – it’s all going to be good.

outdoor fitness

I look forward to seeing you this week.  I can’t wait – you?

Take care and see you soon.  I’m excited, can you tell?

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