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Complementary Fitness 16 Sept newsletter

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Hi and welcome to another great week of Complementary Fitness classes – I’m really looking forward to seeing you and working out with you, can’t wait.

According to an article on Dr Mercola’s website: ‘without resistance training, your muscles will atrophy and lose muscle mass’ and if we do nothing to prevent sarcopenia (I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago: it’s age-related loss of muscle mass), we can expect to lose about 15% muscle mass between the ages of 30 and 80-ish.  So the benefits of resistance training include improved walking ability, our ability to perform daily tasks, relief from joint pain, brain health and slowed brain aging (a benefit in itself when so many are living longer and dementia and Alzheimer’s is on the increase).  It’s never too late to start exercising and as exercise is a huge benefit to overall health and lifestyle, it’s important that we keep exercising, being active and continue to improve our bone and muscle strength (as well as all the other benefits that we get from resistance/strength training.

And of course, we’ve all heard and read that exercise along with a nutritious eating plan (long term, not a fad diet), is the best for our overall long-term health.

We’ve been looking at our nutrition more closely and trying to/are making changes.  We all get into habits and Norman and I love eating (there… I’ve said it).  Ok it’s ‘healthy veggie/vegan food’ but we just eat too much – we usually have seconds and this becomes a habit.  When bored, we eat, and do eat after our dinner in the evening too.  Once you get into bad habits (of over-eating), it’s hard to break until you do actually stop and think about it and make a plan to improve things. 

First thing, I got my juicer out (it’s been kind-of hiding in the back of the cupboard for a while now) and juiced a whole organic cucumber and some celery sticks which was very refreshing.  It made enough for 2 of us and I think I’ll be having this regularly now.  If you try it, you can also add a carrot or maybe an apple.  Get juicing though and see what concoctions you can come up with – and let me know.

cucumber, celery & parsley juice

Usually for breakfast, I’ll have a smoothie – peanut butter, banana, almond milk and usually add in shelled hemp seeds, flaxseeds etc which tastes great, is filling and is a great combo of proteins, fats, carbs etc but I thought I’d change things up on Saturday morning and have a breakfast with more protein and some greens too.  There’s no reason why we can’t have say: a salad or veg meal first thing in the morning instead of waiting for lunch.  It means we’re upping our veg, vitamin and mineral count too and adding some protein, helps us to feel full so that we have the energy for whatever we’re doing in the morning till our lunch.  Anyway, you might be surprised but what I had was: tofu and veg and it may sound bland (tofu can be unless you add herbs, spices etc to it).  I melted some coconut oil in a pan and cut up a ½ block of organic tofu and added it to the pan.  I then sprinkles over some ground ginger, coriander and spirulina (it’s a blue-green algae and is a nutrient-dense food which is packed full of vitamins, incl A, C, E and B, as well as a whole host of minerals ie calcium, magnesium, zinc & selenium as well as being high in protein – you can buy it online/health food shops). I love spirulina and find that if I add 1/2-1 tsp into .. say, a smoothie, it gives me more energy however, it may be an ‘acquired taste’ but worth trying out.

Am I getting ‘off the subject/digressing’?   em .. yep…So while the cubed tofu was cooking in the coconut oil, I then added some chopped kale to the pan too and cooked further for a few minutes.  When it was cooked, I put it into a bowl and added some chopped red chicory (British and in season atm) and some nocellara olives – it was different (for breakfast) but nevertheless, delicious. 

Mid-morning, I did have a snack I have to admit but it was a cored and quartered red organic apple and a teaspoonful of almond butter – another good way to up your fruit and protein intake whether your veggie/vegan or not.

Just in case you wondered! (the royal) we, made and had roasted tomato, carrot and coconut soup for lunch – sooo easy as you throw in a couple of those big punnets of tomatoes, some chopped up carrot sticks (&/or red pepper) into a pan, add oil and cook for 30 mins or so then put the cooked veg into a blender, add (we use pink Himalayan) salt and pepper and a tin of coconut milk and that’s it!  Easy and delish.  With the soup, I also had a slice of veggie-rye bread (I buy it in Waitrose), it’s dense and packed with wholegrain oat and spelt flakes and seeds with some avocado on top (I was hungry/greedy)!

I’ve started so I might as well tell you about dinner – roasted veggies which was a mixture of aubergine, butternut squash, garlic, sweetcorn, peppers, mushrooms and onions which was so easy to do – great for people who don’t want to be in the kitchen cooking for ages – and yummy.

Did you get booked up for any of the free events for The Cockburn Association Edinburgh & East Lothian Doors Open Days on Sat 28 & Sun 29 Sept?  Some lectures, talks and events are on a ‘booking essential’ basis.

There’s also a lecture series taking place 23rd – 27th September  More info if you want to go online at: 

I know that a few of you were away last week and are off/away this week too as I think today (Monday) is one of those September holidays but  I hope that you’ll continue to work out with me/us and continue to maintain your strength, flexibility, fitness levels and generally, feel great and enjoy all of the exercise benefits that we talked about earlier.  I love getting all the positive comments from you so keep them coming.  Well done and keep up the great work and commitment and let me know you’re getting on generally and with your fitness, diet and lifestyle (incl mind, body, meditation, sleep, rest). 

I look forward to seeing you this week, take care, see you soon.