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We finished up on Fri 13 December so there are no classes now till 7 Jan but want to thank you for being part of our Complementary Fitness team and coming to, and taking part in our classes this year; it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed our various workouts, had fun, enjoyed the social aspect of our classes too and felt that you improved your fitness, strength & flexibility.

I’m sure that you’ll be getting organised this week, have lots to catch up on, maybe have presents to (still buy?), wrap and generally write up all your lists and tick everything off once you get them done in this week before Christmas.

As above, our classes start back on Tue 7 January and I look forward to seeing you then.

(Just a reminder that on Tue 14 Jan, we can’t use Craiglockhart church hall but I’ve booked   the Waterside Social Club, 26 Inglis Green Road instead (same side of the road but on the left of Sainsbury’s).  If coming by car, you’ll be able to park in Sainsbury’s car park.  It’s weeks away/next year but I’ll remind you nearer the time).

Did you know that ‘life has no remote – you have to get up and change it yourself’!

Remember to: ‘give yourself some credit for how far you’ve come’.

It’s great to aim for balance in life, not to eat or drink too much but to try and eat a whole range of healthy, nutritious foods and ensure we drink enough fluids too.  At this time of year, there are so many temptations of extra food and drinks at parties, events, all the food on and around Christmas day (I think it’s estimated that we eat double the amount of calories that we should or normally do on Christmas day alone!).  There are temptations with all the adverts in magazines and on tv of decadent puddings, cakes, chocolate, wine and spirits.  Then there’s the week in between Christmas and new year, Hogmanay celebrations and New Year’s Day itself.  It’s good to celebrate with family and friends, be together, take more time to enjoy our food, be more relaxed and enjoy the festivities and fun.  

Sometimes for me personally though, I’m ‘off for 3 weeks’ and although I don’t normally drink much alcohol – maybe a glass of red wine now and then, during the Christmas period, with family over, going out for meals, being on holiday etc, I can get into the habit of eating more, maybe having a glass of wine on more evenings than I normally would and before I know it, I start to feel sluggish, don’t sleep as well, have piled on extra pounds and fat (yes it’s true and you’ve probably noticed it this year and it’s been hard to shake off) but maybe I’m not alone?

When we get into the first week of January, a lot of people we think about cutting back, maybe opting for ‘Dry January’, getting back into exercise, starting a new diet and a healthier lifestyle.

If you still want to enjoy yourself – and who doesn’t? – if eating out, maybe opt for soup as a starter which is crammed with veggies and make sure you eat more vegetables with the main dish.  Maybe try and have a few more glasses of water or herbal teas throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated.

I don’t want to spoil any fun but I came across an article in Vogel’s website about how alcohol affects the immune system (and not in a good way if excessive).  The blog post says that common issues, can arise when immune function is impaired due to alcohol consumption such as:

1. Sleep problems and stress

2. Magnesium deficiency

3. Upper and lower respiratory tract infections.

Read the full post for more info if you’d like to at:

Take care.

Have a fabulous week.  Thank you for all your lovely Christmas wishes and I wish you a very merry Christmas too and I look forward to seeing you in the new year.


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