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Hi and welcome to this week’s fitness news

I’ve shared this very relaxing pose with you before so it’s just a reminder that lying on your back with your legs up the wall is very relaxing and beneficial to you.

Try it for 20 minutes when you’re feeling frazzled, anxious, when you’ve been on your feet all day or rushing around.  Then practice it every day to feel calm and centred.

Having your feet up the wall helps improve circulation, digestion, relaxes the nervous system, helps us de-stress and can help us improve our sleep.

Over the last 18 months or so, we’ve continued our classes when and where we can.  We’re still doing outdoor classes at Paties Road Recreation Grounds and Thistle Padel Court and when the weather’s not great for our Paties Road outdoor classes, we can always opt for a recorded class link instead.  However, I’ve not actually done a shortish class video and sent out the link to everyone for ages so I decided to do a 20 min warm up video which you can do with me here.

(6) Complementary Fitness class warm up – YouTube

If you don’t want to go on to my Youtube channel to watch it (and by ‘watch’, I mean do it with me!), you can also click on the following recorded Zoom class link, and type in the access passcode to view it (it’s available on this platform until midnight Sunday though.  FYI, there’s no expiry date on the Youtube link above).

20 min Warm Up Zoom recorded link:

Access Passcode: s##.56Bx

The warm up sequence is one that we’d typically do on a Tue, Thurs or Fri (as opposed to a Wed am one where we’re moving around a bit more).  During and after the warm up, we’d be lunging and squatting then get our mat out and put it on the floor (ha, or the ground) and do some standing or lying mat/floor work.

I’ll try and get more short videos done and recorded for you in the next few weeks and send out the links to you.

Let me know how you get on.  Thanks for sticking with me and supporting our classes.

Squats are an exercise that we do in every class because they develop lower body strength.  It’s an exercise that works many muscles groups and burns calories.

Apart from improving strength, squats can also increase flexibility especially in the hips.

When we focus on our technique, we also improve our posture.

Our core abdominal and back muscles also strengthen.

I look forward to do more squats with you in classes – whether they’re hip distance apart, with one foot forward of the other, wide squats, moving squats etc.

I read about Brazil nuts and their health benefits.

Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium, supports thyroid function, are good for the brain, may help to reduce inflammation and support heart health.

If you log on to or subscribe to their newsletters, you can read more in-depth info about Brazil nuts.

I saw this great IG post which numbers, minutes, hours, sessions etc for healthy daily habits.

1 = session of exercise

2 = hours of no phone before bed (& I’d say at least 2 hours not eating before bed too)

3 = healthy meals a day

4 = breaks (to relax, stretch, for mental health)

5 = servings of fruit & veg (at least 5 and vary them, ie not the same every day)

6 = minutes of meditation

7 = glasses of water

8 = hours of sleep a night

9 = thousand steps

Thanks @totalliferefinery

Just wondering: if there was a ‘magic pill’ out there that if we took it, we knew it would change us, that we’d be instantly happy, fit, slim, clever, witty, healthy, wealthy, confident etc, would we take it?  I’d probably be first to sign up for it but …. there is no magic pill that works like that.

We have to work at these things, keep plugging away, keep going, keep striving, be consistent, keep ourselves active, continue to eat healthily, sleep well and keep in touch with each other.

It is a lot sometimes but consistency is key and taking small steps towards our goals.

It all adds up.

More about recycling!  More because I’m ‘not there yet’, still not decluttered much or enough but will maybe get there one day!  If I do, I’d need to keep at it though as ‘stuff’ creeps back in again.

As you know, in the previous 2 newsletters, I talked about decluttering and recycling and have since found that if you put any unwanted clothes or textiles inc towels and sheets in a bag and take into H&M stores (there’s a new one in St James Quarter), they’ll give you a £5 off your next purchase (which I think might be a spend of £25+).  H&Ms Garment Collecting programme started back in 2013.

You can also get a £5 off a £35 spend at M&S when you recycle at least one M&S branded item if you take it to any Oxfam shop.

See details at Help – Legal and ethical policies | M&S (

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s newsletter & look forward to seeing you in a class/classes this week.

Please click on the Classes page of my website for class times & details for this week & I look forward to seeing you.

Classes £5 each & you can pay by bank transfer (I can give you my bank details), by card machine when you come to the class or cash.

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