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Welcome to this week’s 15 Nov News:

I read that it takes around 20 days to form a new habit.

So if you’ve started running, started on a healthier eating plan, joined a new exercise class, push through the first few weeks until your new healthy habit becomes second nature to you.  If it takes you out of your comfort zone, just remember that it’ll be worth all the effort in the long term.  Healthy habits are worth sticking with.  Keep it up, I’m with you, I’m supporting you.

‘Life will only change when we become more committed to our dreams than we are to our comfort zone’ (Billy Cox)

Remember that: progress might feel slow but … quitting doesn’t speed it up!

Did you know that every day is another chance to get stronger, eat better, live healthier and be the best version of ourselves.

I’m sure that we’d all love to be happy more of the time so here are some of the happy chemicals and how we can get them (credit @10xidea):

  • Serotonin – for mood stabilization. We can get more of it through sun exposure, practicing mindfulness, being in nature and meditation
  • Endorphin – painkiller. Get by exercising, listening to music, watching a movie and laughing (nothing better than all of these)
  • Dopamine – the reward chemical. We can get it by eating food, completing a task, achieving a goal and self-care activities.
  • Oxytocin – ie the love hormone, we can get this through physical touch, petting animals, socialising and helping others.

More water please – hydration is the first and foremost thing we should do to help our physical wellbeing.  Drinking water will give us energy and protect the integrity of our cells and help rid our body of toxins.


  • “People who are regularly active change the structure and function of their brains in ways that teach it how to be resilient to stress and more sensitive to joy” (Kelly McGonigal)
  • “Its not about perfection.  It’s about purpose.  We have to care about our bodies and what we put in them.  We have to take the time to focus on our mental health – take time for self, for the spiritual, without feeling guilty or selfish.  The world will see you the way you see you and treat you the way you treat yourself” @drwillcole
  • “Compared with non-drinkers and light drinkers, moderate to heavy drinkers have a 57% higher risk of dementia, according to research” @drwillcole

There are lots of health, fitness, lifestyle etc articles online but thought you might like to look through H&B’s articles page.  Immunity Archives | Holland & Barrett (

eg they suggest foods and drinks to support immunity.

This week (15-21 Nov) starts Alcohol Awareness Week and the theme this year is Alcohol and Relationships.

If interested, here’s some (sobering!) Fact Sheets in relation to alcohol and mental health, mood, fitness and more:

Fact sheets | Alcohol Change UK

There’s also a Thinking About Drinking article on my website too:

Articles – Complementary Fitness

Ha ha: I took a trip yesterday to the helium museum.  Very interesting.  I can’t speak highly enough of the place!

Please continue to pre-book your place in our indoor DLH or Craiglockhart Church classes, by emailing me and I’ll reserve your space.

Please always remember to wear a face covering when entering and leaving church halls and also when/if moving around the hall ie moving from hall to toilets and back.

Please pay for classes by contactless or insert your card using my card machine in class and you can also bank transfer the money to my account too – I can give you my sort code & bank details.  Or £5 cash but card/bank transfer preferred.

Please also ensure that you return your completed Booking Checklist to me electronically if you’re attending indoor classes.

Downloads / Forms – Complementary Fitness

If you have any difficulties emailing your completed Booking Form or printing it off, please let me know.  I’ll bring a few blank Booking Forms with me anyway

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s exercise/food/lifestyle inspired newsletter with lots of links to click on and find out more.

I look forward to hearing from you and also seeing you in Craiglockhart Church and Dreghorn Loan Hall this week.

Please click on the Classes page for class times & details for this week.

See you soon, Susan