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Complementary Fitness 15 March Newsletter

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I’m sure that you got my email last week with the news from the Scottish Government that “Outdoor non-contact sports and organised group exercise will be permitted for up to 15 people from Friday” (that was last Friday 12 March).  I emailed to say that we can now actually exercise together outdoors in a group of up to 15 people (that’s me + 14) yayyyy & woo hoo.  I just can’t wait.

However, I got in touch with the Padel Court & they are booked up this week but they can offer us the Adidas Court (the one on the left) on a Wednesday & Friday at 10am* from next week ie 24 & 26 March so put the dates & venue in your diary/phone etc.

Because the Padel courts are booked up in the afternoons & evenings, unfortunately, they still can’t accommodate us then so for now, on a Tuesday & Thursday, we’ll still have recorded classes on Zoom.  Maybe when the weather improves and we can get outside near the trees at Paties Road Recreation Grounds again, we can be outdoors again on a Tue & Thurs 6.15/6.30 ish but I’ll keep you posted on that.

All Zoom classes have been fine over the last few weeks & months & at least we’ve been able to exercise together but … I’ve really missed you, really missed seeing you, working out with you, missed the motivation, the feedback, smiley faces and human contact (even 2m apart) etc.

So this week …. 4 Zoom classes ie Tue & Thurs (recorded) & Wed & Fri (live at 10am)

then… dah dah dah …from next week, we’re back at court 1, Adidas Court (the one on the left) at the Padel Court on a Wed & Fri (from 24th & 26th onwards) at 10am * 

As we said above, we’ll still have recorded Zoom classes on a Tue & Thurs so we’ll still have the option of 4 classes a week together.

Outdoor group exercise is currently restricted to 15 (incl me).

Some of you have already reserved your space in either Wed 24 or Fri 26 March which is fantastic, thanks so much, it’s probably best to do that.

For now, I think it might be best, on a weekly basis, to let me know in advance if you definitely want a reserved space in any specific class/day/date & I’ll add you to that class list.

It’ll be kind-of ‘first come, first served ie re-served/reserved, ha) but I would absolutely hate to turn anyone away who turned up and we already had 14 so please let me know a day or 2 before (not weeks in advance) if you know you’re definitely attending a class that week.

At the moment, I don’t have 14 people who’ve reserved a space in either class so don’t feel that you have to book/pay in advance, just turn up but again, for now I can only take 14.  We may not even have as many as 14 anyway, who knows?

I hope that makes sense and is fair but if unclear, get in touch.

*The only other bit of upcoming news is that on Wed 7 & Fri 9 April, the Padel Courts have a junior holiday club booking that week but they can accommodate us on those mornings but only at a 9am start.  Some of you have already said that 9am is ok so I’ve gone ahead with the 9am booking on those 2 dates – I’ll remind you nearer the time re the earlier start.

I hope that you’ll join our recorded Tue & Thursday and/or Wed & Fri 10am live classes on Zoom this week.  Let me know & I’ll send you joining codes if you don’t have them.

On a different subject, I’ve started sprouting again ie soaking broccoli seeds, puy lentil & mung beans overnight then the following morning, draining & rinsing & putting in jars to sprout over several days.  I’m still rinsing & draining seeds/beans twice a day & putting muslin over the tops of the jars secured by rubber bands.

Anyway, they only take a few days to sprout and they’re great to adding into soups, stews etc.  Do you sprout regularly or would you like to start?  It’s so easy and doesn’t take up much room & you don’t need any equipment, just jars, muslin, rubber band & sieve.

Just to let you know that I’ve had my first vaccine and although I didn’t receive a letter, because of an admin error that people in my age group hadn’t received notification, I went to EICC & had it.  If you haven’t had a letter yet, here’s the Scottish Covid Vaccine helpline number, just get in touch to get an appointment if you’d like to get the vaccine.

You may already have an appointment in place like me, but just haven’t been informed.

The number is: 0800 030 8013 – press option 2. 

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