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Welcome to this week’s newsletter & updates:


Just wondering if you suffered with any muscle aches after our first full week of classes last week?

In last week’s newsletter, I did say that I’d not done very much exercise-wise over the recent holidays and that getting back to classes again, I found that my legs were a bit achy for a day or so.

It’s usually all those squats, lunges, ab and glute work that can result in delayed onset muscle soreness (‘the DOMS’) a day or two after our first classes back.

So as I recommended last week, ease into exercise again – it takes time to build up to the muscle strength again.


If you did suffer with muscle soreness, I hope that it was just mildly and didn’t last too long.  Please don’t let any muscle ache put you off returning to our classes – your muscles will improve, get stronger and you’ll be able to do more again soon.


Here’s one lovely comment after last Tuesday’s fitness Pilates class:

“Just to say I loved the class last night.  December was hectic for me so I didn’t make any candlelight classes and I was worried about coming back but, it was just what my body needed.

I’ve been walking lots but last night, it was so good to just move and use my other muscles.

Not sore – yet”!

Update: “I spoke too soon about not aching – it’s my tummy that’s sore today.  Sit ups worked”!

Thanks CN (Tue/Thurs classes)


I attended a restore/revive yoga retreat on Saturday at Peebles Hydro.

It was just for the one day and I didn’t stay over, just travelled there/back.

In the morning, we had various sessions incl intro to the philosophy of yoga with breathwork and gentle sequences building up to foundational asanas (body posture/position).

At lunchtime, we all lovely veggie soup and roasted root veggies then another couple of hours of yoga, self-care and deep relaxation sessions in the afternoon.

All very enjoyable and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you’re looking for recipe inspiration, have a look through this website – and it’s not all veggie btw but they are healthy recipes.  I have made the cassava flour pizza base and added various veggie, tomato, herby toppings which was delicious.

Healthy, Real Food Recipes & Meal Plans | Wellness Mama


Just to let you know that Vivobarefoot have an ‘up to 25% off’ sale at the moment on winter boots, workout trainers and lifestyle footwear.

or use the code: LBLM09 to get 20% off your first order (which is Dr Chatterjee’s association with Vivobarefoot)


Reminder that you can pay for classes:

With cash ie £6 per class

Paying directly on my iphone or

By bank transfer into my account.


Remember to let me know if you have any comments, news and keep me updated with anything that’s happening with you ie health-related stuff, new goals, achievements etc.


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