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After last Thursday’s Government announcements re social distancing, self isolating and new rules on socialising, there seemed to have been some confusion as to what we can/can’t do from this week.  
Confusion about how many people we can meet from x number of households etc and IF we could continue to exercise outdoors.

I’ve found out from various sources that WE CAN CONTINUE TO EXERCISE OUTDOORS, yessss! 👍 
I got an email from my fitness governing body (and copied and pasted their guidelines to you in an email on Friday). 
I also phoned Sport Scotland for advice and they also say there are no resrictions on exercising as a class/group outdoors.
So as far as I understand, and it’s been confirmed by other sporting bodies that organised outdoor sport and leisure is still allowed up to 30 people and that the new ‘rule of 6 from 2 households’ does ot apply to organised activities 👍😀
Obviously if advice changes, I’ll let you know or you can let me know if you hear otherwise.

Gov.Scot guidelines Sept 2020

I know that the weather will change and get colder now that we’re into Autumn and going forward into winter and I’m hoping that we can continue our outdoor sessions for as long as possible.
We won’t be able to get back into Craiglockhart Church this year and not for at least another couple of months anyway in Dreghorn Loan Hall.
If you’re happy to continue exercising outdoors until we can find an alternative, I’m happy to continue.

As long as we’re dressed for a change in the weather with waterproofs, thermals, warm leggings, hats etc etc, we’ll be fine.

We can do this people. 

Let’s stay positive. 

Let’s stay strong, motivated and continue to exercise (2 or 3m apart please – Paties Rd grounds are BIG enough) for as long as we can.

It’d be a shame, now that we’ve just started back, to stop just coz of a bit of rain or wind.
We are outdoor warriors, aren’t we?
A bit of wind and rain isn’t going to put us off – is it?  
Here’s the right answer: Nooooooo

No holidays as such for us this year but at the end of August, we enjoyed a 4 night weekend down in London with our son where we did lots of walking (ie Hampstead Heath, Brick Lane, Spittalfields Market, Broadway Market etc), we ate out lots, I had a fantastic massage while Norman & Steven had a swim at a lido in Crouch End. 

I definitely got the better deal as outdoor swimming is not my thing (tooooo cold, I’m a wimp).

Then the following weekend (1st weekend in Sept), we were away for a 3 night break with the family to a lodge near Kenmore again where we did lots of walking through the woodlands at National Trust for Scotland’s The Hermitage, Pine Cone Point, Dunkeld in Perthshire on the Saturday

Pine Cone Point, Dunkeld

then we all (5 adults) walked up to the summit of Shiehallion (3,553 feet). 

Our son and son-in-law took it in turns to carry our 3 year old granddaughter in a baby/toddler carrier while Nicola carried our 6 month old grandson in a papoose on her back.  I carried a big backpack too but luckily only had extra clothing, water and some food in it – big but not heavy, phew.

It was the first time I’d ‘done’ a munro so that was an achievement. 

To me, it seemed easier walking up than down.  The closer we got to the summit though, it was tricky to navigate as there were so many big boulders and stones to walk over.

We stopped at the top and had our packed lunch and enjoyed the amazing views.

Id say it took a bit longer to get down from the summit and we could feel the muscle tension more in our quads on the way down.   All-in-all, it took just over 4 ½ hours, not bad.

Small world though as we met Douglas W (coming back to our fitness yoga class hopefully soon) and his sister who were on their way up as we were descending. 

What a lovely surprise 😊

So after 2 busy weekends, it was nice to have a quieter, more relaxed weekend there.

Balance is key as they say.

We got some really lovely comments about our classes last week and I can share one with you here: “Thank you very much for today’s class.  I really enjoyed it and love exercising in the open, fresh air”. CC (Wed 9 Sept class)

I hadn’t heard of the phenomenon known as biophilia before so when I came across it, I looked it up and it says that we’re naturally programmed to feel peaceful in nature.  Simply grounding our feet on the grass is a great start.  I think that we’re getting some biophilia benefits when we’re exercising outdoors, on the grass, feeling the grass under our feet or when lying on our mats on the grass, looking up at the sky. 

Even when we’re under the trees at Paties Road (for a bit of shelter from the rain), it still feels lovely to be in nature, to feel grounded with the roots of the trees under our feet and feeling supported with our backs against the tree trunks. 

Tree hugging – that’s where it’s at!  Ha

Regular Exercise:

  • Makes us feel happier by releasing feel-good hormones: serotonin and norepinephrine
  • Helps with weight management by burning off calories
  • Increases energy levels by pumping more oxygen around the body
  • Reduces the risk of disease as a lack of regular physical activity is known to be a risk factor
  • Helps skin health by supporting blood flow
  • Supports brain health and memory by increasing heart rate and getting more blood and oxygen to the brain

Did you know that?…

  • yoga and meditation are great ways to instantly activate the parasympathetic system and to de-stress and relax us.
  • that blueberries are packed with powerful antioxidants which are also referred to as flavonoids.

These have been shown to reduce the risk of cognitive decline by preventing age-related degenerative processes in the brain. 

Eating more blueberries may also have beneficial effects on spatial learning and memory abilities according to research. 

Other studies have shown that eating blueberries can even reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, which is known to be a major risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease.

I’ll often add blueberries into plant milk smoothies, to a bowl of coconut yoghurt or over porridge – delicious and good for you.

Drink enough water, stay hydrated because it’s very easy for our bodies to mistake thirst for hunger so it’s essential that we stay well hydrated.  

stay hydrated, drink enough water

This will not only help with appetite control but will help us feel more energised.

According to new research from Oxford University, honey is better than over the counter meds for coughs, colds, blocked noses and sore throats.

Researchers say that not all honey is created equal though and that Manuka honey has properties called Methylglyoxal (or MGO for short) and that the strength of Manuka honey is often measured in MGO level.  The higher the number, the more milligrams of MGO is contained in a pot of honey.  

1 tsp Manuka honey

I love Manuka honey and often buy it at this time of year to ward off colds or a sore throat. 

I know it’s sweet but I love adding a teaspoonful over porridge and know that because of it’s antibacterial properties, it’s doing me good.

I love this quote by Dr M Hyman:

“Most people don’t understand that what you put at the end of your fork is more powerful than any drug you’ll find in a pill bottle.  That food is not just like medicine, it is medicine. Food is a better drug than most drugs.  It works faster, better and is cheaper than any drug on the market and it has no side effects except good ones.”

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