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Did you know that?

It was soooo great to get back to fitness and to see you all last week.  I always feel that 3 weeks ‘off’ is such a long time and always feel that after the festive break, it’s great to get back into a routine again.

It was lovely to catch up with you and to welcome brand new people as well as those returning to our classes after a break – welcome back to you all.

We had some really amazing and lovely comments and feedback about our classes last week so thanks very much for that.  I look forward to putting some more new sequences, style and options into our classes again this week and hope that you’ll join us again.

If (!!!) your muscles were a bit sore a day or two after your first class back (ha, my quads were sore on Thursday btw but eased off by Friday), I hope that any tenderness or ache eased off too.  As I keep saying, it’s because we’re using muscles (usually in the quads, glutes and abs) that haven’t been worked like that in a while, usually from the lunges and squats and even being away from our usual exercise class for 3 weeks can see our muscles ache a bit for the first week.  Then as our muscles break down, improve and get stronger and we improve our general fitness, we don’t suffer the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) after each class/week.  Phew, just as well!

I always remind everyone returning after a break to ease into exercise again, not to ‘go all out’, not to go for 100% until strength and fitness are built up again and I hope that you did this.  Because last week was the first of 2019, some had asked me ‘to go easy’ but … well … I was so enthusiastic, eager to get back to fitness, to seeing you, working out with you, putting new routines or exercise sequences and stretches together that … the classes were still probably at the same level as before!  Oops!  Of course I did say several times: “take easier options if you need to” and “we’re all here to work out for ourselves even though we’re in a class situation, so do what’s best for you”.  There’s no pressure.

It’s always best to do what you can and not to ‘keep up’ with anyone else, do what’s right for you and adapt when necessary.  I struggle myself as you can see with balance and flexibility sometimes (aka often) but as Pilates and yoga especially are seen as a ‘practice’, that’s what they are.  We don’t ever get to a stage of ‘being perfect’ where we can’t improve any more – there’s always room for improvement and if we keep practising, keep going, keep moving and exercising, then we’ll be able to keep going, keep moving etc.  It’s when we stop, can’t be bothered, don’t exercise that we find it difficult and struggle. 

Use it or lose it as they say!

We all have to start somewhere though and if that’s the case with you ie you’re new to our classes/new to exercise or Pilates or yoga, then we just need to show up, do the best we can, then we’ll see improvements over time.  It doesn’t happen overnight and like anything, fitness, strength, flexibility, improvements in posture etc all take time.  Let’s start from where we currently are and move forward (ha can’t resist: backwards, side-side & rotationally too).

In our Wednesday 9.30am class last week, apart from using our hand held weights and resistance bands for part of the class, I also introduced gliding discs again to use as part of our workout.  We used to use gliding discs in our classes years ago and thought it was time to re-use them again.  I was reminded to start using them again after we did a couple of 6D sliding classes while at Club La Santa and really loved the tough but fun sessions there.  I hope that you enjoyed the variety.  I might even introduce the gliding discs in a Tuesday Fitness Pilates class at some point for a small section of the class to let you see what it’s like – watch this space but let me know if you’re up for trying it, even for 5 or 10 mins.

The Truth/We’re all human ……. I had eagerly planned to get back to my 16/8 restricted timed eating plan again last week but have still not committed to it, not been focussed or had enough willpower to get it going.  I’ve still been over-eating and as I love food/love eating, portion sizes have been too big and I’m just too greedy as well so I do plan on getting things under control soon.  It is hard even for me even though I post about eating healthily, eating a 95% vegan diet (I do sometimes have an omelette or occasionally have a teaspoonful of manuka honey), I’m still putting on a few pounds and fat.  Sourdough bread and dark chocolate (not together) are my downfall foods.  I love having toasted Khorasan or charcoal sourdough bread (from Twelve
Triangles bakery) with guacamole or peacamole (guac with peas added) on top and sometimes/mostly after lunch, I’ll still be looking for ‘something else ie coconut yoghurt and berries &/or a couple of squares of 70+% dark chocolate.  Not bad but too much and as we have 3 weddings to go to – all in the first half of this year and I’ll not be able to get into my new dresses/outfits so I’ll have to ‘get on it’, be positive and get the willpower from somewhere.  I know I feel bad about myself when I over-eat, start putting on weight, feel sluggish and de-motivated.  On the other hand, I’m lucky that I love teaching exercise classes which keep me fit and I generally only eat meals which are cooked from scratch and try to eat healthily.  We’re all human, have faults, all feel down now and then but we can pick ourselves back up and start again.  Let’s #bepositive (note to self). 

Did you resonate with any of that?  Have you struggled and found it hard to get back on track again?  Usually everyone is all fired up with new resolutions about health, diet and lifestyle in January and we can feel like a failure if we have a bad day, haven’t started yet or the healthy diet goes ‘out the window’ if we’re having a bad day and it’s hard to get back.

The Plan: let’s do it together. 

Let me know how you’re getting on and if you need any encouragement – I’m here for you.

I can’t wait to see you this week/soon for more fitness, fun and sequence variations.

Take care, SUSAN x

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