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Complementary Fitness 14 Dec News

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Even though last week, I said it hasn’t been a particularly quick year but …. how did that happen?: it’s the last week of our classes and we finish up on Friday 18 Dec!!

So we’ve still got our Padel Court Wed & Fri 10am classes & our Tuesday & Thursday Candlelight fitness Pilates/yoga Classes on Zoom.

If you’d like to join our evening fitness Pilates/yoga Zoom classes, please let me know and I’ll send you the joining link & passcode, thanks.

I think going forward, that it’d be great if/when you transfer money into my account, (especially for an online class), that you email me and let me know which class (or classes if transferring more than £5) the payment is for.

I really appreciate your support and the fact that you’re transferring the £ but as some aren’t doing a class ‘that week’ (that the £ is being transferred), I’m easily confused.

Some are paying in the money but don’t have time to do the class even though I send the link and would prefer to do a Tue/Thurs class another time.

I don’t know about you but I like to keep lists and add certain people to a particular class and then tick off that they’ve attended and been sent the link & code for that class.

I hope that makes sense and hope that you don’t think that I’m being a bit …. Hmm  🥴 😵

Sorry, don’t mean to be – just trying to keep on track.

As you’ll know, last week I sent out an email asking about January start-back dates and most people said they’d like to start back on Wednesday 6 & Fri 8 January onwards at Thistle Padel Court so that’s when our 10am classes return, woo hoo.

I’d still like to find out – although no rush – when you’d like to start back with our online Zoom Tuesday & Thursday classes.

We can either start back on Tue 5 & Thurs 7 Jan and if 5 Jan is a bit too early, please let me know. 

We could always start back on Thurs 7 Jan and combine fitness Pilates with fitness yoga and do it all together


We could start our online classes the following week, giving us more time – please let me know by emailing, thank you.

We had some really great comments about our Fitness Pilates Zoom class last week and with your permission, I’ve included some here:

1) “Thanks for another challenging class – I really enjoyed it.  …. I feel ready for the rest of the day now”

2) “Loved the class!  Some different moves this week”… “Your wonderful class has sorted my back right out”  and … “I love the videos too as I can do it before tea and straight after work”.

3) (comment re Tue & Thurs Zoom classes):

“I have done 2 classes a week for 2 weeks and already feel much improved, thank you”

4) “I definitely like the evening recorded classes.  I do them earlier which doesn’t interfere with dinner plans.  I very much like not having to walk after dark in the often cold and sometimes wet to the church hall and although I have lots of time just now, it’s nice to just take one hour to do exercises.  And I need the structure of a class – I have never had the self discipline to do exercises at home regularly by myself.  … I also enjoy the classes at Thistle because it’s daytime and the time suits”.

Thank you very much for all your lovely comments 🙏

From my point of view, I’ve loved ALL of our recent outdoor / Padel Court & online classes as well as the few classes that we did in Jan & Feb indoors in the church halls too. 

Thank you very much for your continued support 👏

I look forward to seeing you this week but if I don’t and you’re away/busy, I wish you a very merry Christmas and look forward to hearing from you & seeing you in the new year.

Again, have a think over the next couple of weeks & let me know what week/date you’d like to start back our Zoom online classes, thank you.

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