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Complementary Fitness 13 November newsletter

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Welcome to this week’s newsletter & updates:

We had some fab, fantastic & lovely positive comments and feedback after our classes last week, thank you.

It’s good to know you love the variety of exercises, stretches, combinations and options to make your workout easier or more challenging.

Keep up the great work and continue to progress and shine in our classes – you’re a star.


Healthy fats

Years ago, the advice was to eat a low fat diet and we were told that eating fat makes you fat but that’s not the case.

Our bodies need fats for energy and to support cell growth, absorb some vitamins (ie fat soluble vitamins A, D, E & K) and nutrients and to produce important hormones.  Research shows that having fat in a meal can help control blood sugar responses and this helps us feel fuller for longer.  Fats also enhance flavour, add texture and make a meal taste great – think organic extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil or avocado.

I’ve mentioned before but our gut microbiome plays a huge role in our overall health and affects everything from our immune health to how our bodies respond to food but did you know that what we eat largely shapes our gut microbiome composition?

Things that can influence or affect it might be: any medications we’re on, exercise and stress levels.  In our gut, certain foods are turned into a wide range of complex chemicals which then pass through the gut wall into the bloodstream and throughout the body.   A diverse microbiome is generally healthier and tends to be more resilience and capable of things like extracting extra nutrients from our food, producing certain vitamins, regulating the immune function and regulating the appetite.  Its good to know that our microbiome can change if we eat a wide variety of minimally processed, high fibre plant foods to help build a more diverse and healthier gut.


You’ll have noticed that I’m wearing my Zoe continuous glucose monitor (CGM) on my arm which does just that: when I use the app and scan using my phone against the CGM, it tells me what my glucose level is in ‘real time’.  It’s interesting to see what the level is before eating and 90 mins or 3 hours afterwards and obviously if I was to eat high carb foods on their own (eg a bowl of porridge oats or slice of toast), then I’d see a big spike afterwards in my blood glucose level.  We’re all unique though and what might affect one person, doesn’t necessarily affect the next person in the same way.

Exercise/moving after a meal plays a big part in reducing the glucose spike ie the muscles take up the glucose for use.

Food combining also reduces glucose curves too eg if you’re going to eat porridge, add in some nut butter (good protein and healthy fats) or add tahini on top of rice cakes, avocado and/or nuts/nut butter/seeds into fruit smoothies.

That way, we should feel fuller for longer too.

Managing stress levels also helps to reduce glucose spikes too and talking of that and stress management:  you’ll probably have heard of different breathing techniques and just even being mindful of our breath can help.

One technique is 4/7 breathing ie

  • Breathe in to the count of 4 through nose • Pause • Breathe out for count of 7 through mouth • This stimulates parasympathetic nervous system and the ‘relaxation response’ • You could repeat 12 times but start with fewer breaths and build up to 12 breaths


Practice regularly twice per day

This form of breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which is associated with relaxation ie it switches on the ‘relaxation response’.

Doing it the other way round switches on the sympathetic nervous system ie short breaths stimulate stress.


We’ll be doing some relaxation techniques in our December Tuesday & Thursday evening candlelight classes – in the last 20 mins of each class.

Those dates are 5, 7, 12 & 14 Dec so remember to also bring a candle, candleholder/saucer and lighter or best to maybe bring a battery operated candle.  They’re easy to switch on and no dripping wax when blowing out a lit candle but then again … not as nice, especially if you want to bring a scented/aromatherapy candle.  Up to you.


Are we getting ahead of ourselves again?  Hmm oh well, best to be prepared and organised.


You might like this little ‘meditation’ that I came across the other day and you could say it to yourself several times a day to encourage mental and emotional calmness, relaxation and gratitude.  It’s also good to know that it’s been scientifically proven that radiating love and self-care through your system activates beneficial hormones and boosts immunity.

So here’s the meditation:

“Breathing in, I calm my body.  Breathing out, I smile.

Dwelling in the present moment, I know this is a wonderful moment.”

It’s from Thich Nhat Hahn in his book Being Peace


Looking forward to seeing you and working out with you in our classes this week as always.


Easiest and best way that you can pay for classes:

  • With cash ie £6 per class (always best and I have change)
  • Directly into my bank account (if you don’t have my details, email me and I can give you my sort code & business account number).
  • Alternatively, using contactless directly to my iphone in class


Remember to let me know if you have any comments, news and keep me updated with anything that’s happening with you ie health-related stuff, goals, achievements etc.


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