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Apologies for my lack of voice/very croaky voice last Thursday which has now improved since then.  More apologies coz the class wasn’t up to the usual standard.

I had considered cancelling but well…. Over the last couple of months, I’d cancelled 3 times already!  This virus/these continual viruses are awful and I know that a lot of you have been the same.

Oh I’m soooooo looking forward to feeling good again, to getting some sunshine and feeling refreshed.


On Friday, my voice was almost ‘back to normal’ and I certainly had more energy in that 9.30am class (much more so than Thurs!!).  Friday’s workout was a challenging class to say the least (always easier options as I keep saying).  Hopefully back on form now.

I read about a great brain hack which is to use your non-dominant hand.

@drtituschiu says that we should use our non-dominant hand if we’re struggling with creativity or are feeling stuck and out of balance.

And that: the right hand is controlled by the left side of the brain and the left hand with the right hemisphere.

When we use the right hand to brush teeth, write a letter, clicking a mouse, drawing or eating, we’re constantly activating the left side of the brain and over time, this leads to a dominance and imbalance.  To balance things out, switch it up and use your opposite hand more often – he says that this can literally rewire the circuits within the brain leading to more balance, creativity and insight.


13-19 March is Nutrition & Hydration Week

There has never been a more important time to raise awareness of the importance of eating and drinking well in later life.

Did you know that the average person in the UK uses 141L (141 litres) of water per day for daily tasks including drinking, washing and cleaning.  Drink 6-8 glasses per day to stay healthy (1.5 – 2L).  Water is a natural resource that is required by everyone and this includes our body composition, mental focus, sleep and recovery.  Interesting to note that the human brain is composed of 95% water, lungs are 90%, blood is 83%, muscles are 76% and bones are 22% water.


We’ve talked about fermented foods before but thought as it’s Nutrition/Hydration week, that I’d remind that fermented foods help support a healthy gut.  Foods like:

  • Sauerkraut
  • Kimchi
  • Kefir
  • Miso
  • Kombucha (watch the sugar content tho)
  • Unsweetened yoghurt
  • Pickles
  • Sourdough bread


One suggestion when anyone is starting out experimenting with fermented food is to ease your way in ie not everything all at once.  Like everything – all in moderation.

Go for foods that contain added Bifidobacterium (B.) species (eg B. lactis, B. bifidum etc) because bifidobacterial has anti-inflammatory properties and these decline with age in the microbiome.


Lemons are considered one of the healthiest foods – one lemon contains your daily dose of vitamin C, it cleanses the liver, boosts immunity and aids in weight loss.  Try adding it to a mug of warm water to kick start your day.

These lifestyle and dietary changes can help strengthen the immune system:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Reduce sugar intake
  • Exercise regularly
  • Manage stress levels
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep


Friday 17/3 is Comic Relief / Red Nose Day     Red Nose Day | Comic Relief


The body has it’s own renewal system – it’s called sleep.  The more we learn to respect it by giving it 7-8 hours a night to do it’s thing, the slower the aging clock will tick –physically and mentally (adapted from @drfranklipman)


Thanks for reading this week’s newsletter this week which has lots of (hopefully) useful info in it.  Let me know if you have anything interesting you want to share or a class comment (good or bad).

Let’s continue to grow, move forward and challenge ourselves in many different ways.

Let’s keep ourselves fit and stay active, flexible and strong and get your 150 recommended minutes of exercise by joining a couple of our classes a week and going for a walk, jog etc.

I look forward to seeing you this week for more fitness, flexibility, strength, social connection and togetherness as well as fun.


Reminder that you can pay for classes:

  • With cash ie £6 per class
  • Directly into my bank account
  • Using my SumUp card machine.


Remember to let me know if you have any comments, news and keep me updated with anything that’s happening with you ie health-related stuff, goals, achievements etc.


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