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Hi, how are you and how was last week and your weekend? 

At least the weather turned out to be really nice Saturday afternoon and all day yesterday.  I think when the sun’s out, it makes you feel more relaxed – it does for me.

Are you still getting out for walks and maybe starting to go out for take away coffees at all?

It’s really great that we can go out for a coffee and take away lunch and go and sit on a bench somewhere to drink it.  It’s not the same as sitting in somewhere but then again, it’s still safer and best to be out in the fresh air. 

We’ll get there, it’ll all take time but things are easing.

There’s no word as to when we can get back to classes or even teaching groups of people outdoors yet – unless we were in England, where it’s 1:1 or in small group numbers but… we’re not there so we’ll still have to be patient and do what we’re doing at the moment for a bit longer.

However, just to say that I’m sooo missing you all and can’t wait until we can actually get back to exercising together.


Q: are you now like me where motivation to do everything, be super organised, all the planning to get X, Y and Z done etc just ‘went out of the window’ weeks ago? 

There are only so many times you actually feel like opening up all your cupboards or wardrobe taking everything out, cleaning meticulously and putting everything back very neatly (actually that hardly ever happens, maybe once, ha) so if you’re not getting much done, don’t worry, don’t be hard on yourself. 

I guess it’s happening to a lot of us (trying to make myself feel better!).

For me, I think if there was some kind of end-date ie when we can officially and safely get ‘back to normal’ and a date to aim for, I could plan a bit better (ha – she says with all the time in the world).

I don’t like this about me but I get things done when I have a short period of time/a time frame or time restriction to do it eg if I know I have to have a really tidy house because a friend is coming over in an hour, then I’ll dive about like a mad person to get it all done. 

I know it’d be best to do tasks every day and that if I did these things on a consistent and regular basis, my house and garden would be tidier and cleaner more often but I spend way too much time just ‘doing stuff’. 

I wish I was a planner, efficient and was organised all the time but I just do what I do.

I can make excuses and say ‘I’m doing a 6 week online course at the moment’ (which I am, and will probably take me more than the 6 weeks!) and that it takes up a lot of my time (which it really does) and we’re still caring for my mother-in-law or helping out our daughter with our grandchildren but maybe I just need to make a better plan to get more done.

Maybe you’re nothing like me and are super-organised with a super-clean house and amazing immaculate garden and if so… can I hire you?  Ha, seriously!

Whether you’re like me or not, we need to not be so hard on ourselves and give ourselves a break now and then from trying to get abc and xyz done.

What are your thoughts?

If you signed up to our July Core Challenge, how are you getting on?

I didn’t’ want to email everyone just as a matter of course with youtube links every day but have a list of people who let me know/signed up to get the unlisted daily video links.  You’ll probably have noticed that the emails have gone to your Junk box rather than Inbox instead as I sent these out in a different format/as a Group – so check out your Junk and mark as Safe to your Inbox.

The videos are only about 5 minutes long so easily manageable to slot in to your day.

If you missed out and want to receive them, let me know – maybe put ‘Core Challenge, I’m In’ in your email heading and I’ll add you.

We started last week and will continue every day until Sun 2 Aug.

However, no pressure – I’ll continue to put a youtube exercise video link in these newsletters occasionally and have one for you for this week:

It’s a Pilates exercise that will strengthen your core and it’s called ‘The Hundred’ and there are ‘instructions’ below but here’s the youtube link:

To begin: Lie on your back with your spine in neutral, your arms at your sides, your knees bent, your feet flat on the floor and your heels in line with your hips.

Inhale (as always) to prepare then exhale to engage your abs and lift the feet off the floor to table top position (which is 90 degrees at hips and knees).

Again inhale to lift your head, neck and shoulders from the floor and your arms by your sides and exhale pulsing your arms down/up towards the floor. 

Do this for a counts of 5 (while engaging your core abs) inhaling for a count of 5, exhaling for a count of 5.  Repeat 10 times until you’ve counted to 100.

Options to make 100 easier: instead of your legs at 90 degrees, keep your feet on the floor, still lifting head, neck, shoulders, pumping/pulsing arms. 

or: extend one arm by your side and place your other hand behind your neck for support, changing arms every so often.

To make the 100 more challenging: extend one leg for a count of 5 (or 10) and bend in for 5 (or 10) then change/alternate with the other leg.

or even more challenging: extend both legs out/in while counting or keep legs extended, phew.

A funny

Life is super tough when you can’t pick up the book you want because you’re sitting on it.

Quotes by me:

“I know you have the strength & flexibility to do this”

“Community: we’re all in this together”

Other Quotes

“If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way”

“Don’t wait.  The time will never be just right”

 Both by Napolean Hill

I love hearing your news so please continue to email when you have time but remember to have a balance of strength and flexibility and stay well, relaxed and positive.

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