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Complementary Fitness 13 Aug Newsletter

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Hi, I look forward to seeing you this week in Craiglockhart and Colinton, Edinburgh in our COMPLEMENTARY FITNESS CLASSES – details & times on the Classes page of my website.

It was great to be ‘back to normal’ last week after the holidays and back in Dreghorn Loan Hall (as well as Craiglockhart) after the recent renovations/alterations. It was lovely to see you, catch up and work out with you as always and I hope to see you again this week.
I’ve booked up all the above classes from now until Fri 14 December (& Jan-June 19) with no breaks so plenty of time to get ourselves back to fitness, to improving our strength, flexibility, posture, balance (I do struggle as you’ll see sometimes but it’s something for me to work on too! ha) and general wellbeing.

You might be interested in an article on the A Vogel site about the pros and cons of salt,5SD9M,RNVDDP,ML3PO,1

and if you want to find out more food facts ie why are avocados good for you or if you want to know how much vitamin C is in strawberries or kiwis, then read this article on Dr Mercola’s site:

So Edinburgh’s festivals & events: we went into town on Saturday to see taiko drummers Tribe in Rainy Hall, Assembly and we’ve seen them/similar before and I just love it. Id give that particular show 4.5/5 (not too sure about the megaphone use of a one world message during one section!). At some points during the drumming though, I just didn’t want it to end – wow, so powerful. Before the drummers show, we went for coffee/a smoothie to the new Painted Rooster café in 10 Melville Place (down Queensferrry St but on the left) and until fairly recently, it was Caffeine Drip which we also loved. Anyway, café is bright, has lovely friendly staff and great food. If you’re at that part of the town, I’d recommend it. I had a date, banana and peanut butter almond milk smoothie – yum.

Later, we went to David Bann’s veggie restaurant in St Mary Street and it was busy (no bookings in August but walk in) and the food and glass of wine were delicious.

The restaurant was almost full and has been ‘on the go’ for years. In fact, I was thinking: it might be 11 years since I was last there (it was a biggy birthday at the time!) but then again – have we been there as an end-of-term fitness lunch together? Maybe. I’d recommend it though and would go back.
From there, we’d got tickets and went to see/listen to Stephen Lawrie’s (Tue & Thurs Pilates/Yoga classes) show in the Studio which is in the Freemason’s Hall, George St. It was a great insightful show with thoughts on mental health from Stephen and then questions from the packed audience which was also very interesting.
I know Stephen’s done shows like this before and has more booked/coming up but “well done, what a great show”.
What shows have you been to that you’d recommend?

I was reading some top tips about how to keep your brain healthy and the H&B article said
‘Research has suggested that combining good nutrition with mental, social and physical activities may have a greater benefit in maintaining or improving brain health than any single activity.
The article suggests some ways in which you can look after your brain health and I’ve added some of them here:
Practice meditation – Research has found that meditating regularly and mindfulness (the psychological process of bringing our attention to experiences occurring in the present moment which can be developed through the practice of meditation and other training) can change the structure of the brain and specifically has been shown to increase the amount of grey matter in the brain which is associated with emotional stability, ability to deal with stress and intelligence. Regular meditation has also been found to help preserve the brain from ageing and also improve memory. There are plenty of guided meditations, books, apps and websites out there to help – I like
Keep moving – Exercise is not just fantastic for our physical health but countless studies have shown that it’s great for our mood and state of mind, too. Regular exercise has been proven to reduce stress, decrease feelings of anxiety and depression, aid concentration, improve memory and cognitive function and help sleep.
I like this analogy: physical activity can be thought of like a fertiliser for the brain – nourishing it to work more efficiently! Just half an hour of light exercise a day, such as a brisk walk, can help to provide these benefits and this also goes towards getting the recommended 150 minutes of exercise a week.
Other ways to improve brain health are: doing brain training games and puzzles, adhering to a Mediterranean diet, staying well hydrated and getting a good night’s sleep.

Did you know that:
• 68% of Brits consider themselves to be ‘fairly health conscious’ – are you in this group? Me too.
• Researchers have found that probiotics can benefit our bones, our skeletons and that older women who took probiotics, found that bone loss was halved compared to those who had a placebo. And of course, we know that exercise, particularly weight bearing exercise is good for our bones too.

There are new health, lifestyle, fitness, veggie websites and blogs popping up all the time and I’ve just come across this vegan one which is full of vegan inspirational recipes and ideas from: which has tons of breakfast, mains and dessert recipes.

I look forward to seeing you and working out with you this week in Dreghorn Loan Hall and Craiglockhart Church Hall so that we can continue to improve on our summer fitness levels, strength, posture balance and flexibility together.

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