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Complementary Fitness 12 September News

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Welcome to this week’s newsletter & updates:

If you were at Friday 9 Sept class, apologies because my SumUp card payment machine wasn’t working.  I dropped it in class 2 or 3 weeks ago but it was still working even with a crack on the front – that is until Friday morning!

Some time from Thursday evening to Friday morning, I must’ve put my bag down and it must’ve cracked even more.  Anyway, I haven’t had time but will need to get a new one.

In the meantime, I wonder if you could possibly either pay cash for Friday (if you’ve still to pay) and also for classes this week or pay directly into my bank account?  If you email me, I can give you my sort code and account number.
Thank you so much.

In combating the impact of sedentary lifestyles, even with endless sit-down meetings, Zoom calls, watching tv, being ‘on our phones’, driving etc, it’s good to know or be reminded that: ONLY MOVEMENT maintains the health of a joint and defends against arthritis.  So, engage in mobility to maintain health of the joints, but the long-lasting ‘secret sauce’ is to put force through these required ranges of motion, teaching the body’s nervous system how to own, control and be resilient in movement, but to get gym equipment to train the best resources using Gym Equipment Buyers could be the best option.


Here are some exercises to combat the decline of spinal/shoulder health and to build good-quality, mobile, resilient joints and muscles:


Bringing ourselves to a full plank (with hands under shoulders or modified on knees), palms keep facing down then bring one hand up to your shoulder, bending at the elbow and that elbow in by the side of body, release hand back down to the floor and change to repeat on the other side.  This is called ‘hot hands’ – do you remember?  As we’ve not done ‘hot hands’ in class for a while, we’ll be practicing this exercise again soon.


Another variation is to be in a Plank position again with hands under shoulders or hold on to dumbells which are on the floor.  Then, similar to ‘hot hands’ but reach the arm up to the ceiling as you rotate the upper body and replace hand or weight to the floor and repeat on the other side.


Another great strength exercise for shoulders and spine – as well as core abs, back & legs is a bent-over row.  Feet hip distance apart, in a squat position with both arms reaching down to the floor.  Hold on to a barbell (who has one lying around unless you’re in the gym? ha) or something similar eg length of wooden broom (and make sure you have enough room at either side of you) or a set of dumbells and pull weights up towards hips and release down again just in front of your shins and repeat.


Brain health is a topic many people are talking about.  In fact, brain health is not only determined by how we choose to live and use it now but it is largely pre-determined by other factors such as; genetics; environment growing up; traumas and significant events in life; and general mindset.

All of these can be potential risk factors contributing to cognitive decline.

Luckily there are many tips and tricks that can help us with maintaining and improving brain health eg

  1. Keep moving because we know that physical activity at any age helps our brains get fresh oxygen, therefore improving blood flow, learning capabilities and overall mood.  Just 30 mins of exercise can have a big impact on quality of life.

  1. Eat clean ie natural fresh foods which improves and repairs brain health rather than processed which can contribute to health decline.


  1. Cut back/cut out alcohol, cigarettes and sugar which can be detrimental to brain cells and cause health problems and memory decline, impaired brain function and other neurological diseases.  High sugar intake raises our body mass index and causes obesity.


  1. Take care of mental health with relaxation and meditation which can help reduce anxiety, depression and dementia.


  1. Lastly, enough sleep and rest are so important for strong brain health.  During sleep, the body and brain replenish and re-energise, helping to retain fresh memories by making new brain connections.

(the above info was mostly taken from a blog by @loovorganicfood)


Apologies for cancelling last Thursday’s fitness yoga/Pilates class because of a family bereavement.  If you usually/sometimes come to our Thursday class, I emailed to say I was cancelling it and hope you got the email.

At this point, we don’t have a date for the funeral but it won’t be this week.  When I know, and if it’s on a day & time that we have one of our classes, I may have to cancel but I’d let you know by email you also put a ‘class cancelled’ message on Facebook.


Also, just to let you know that a class has just started before our one on a Thursday.  They finish at 6.50pm so we won’t get in before that but will start at our usual time of 7pm.


Remember to let me know if you have any comments, news and keep me updated with anything that’s happening with you ie health-related stuff, goals, achievements etc.


See you soon.

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