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This week’s news:

You’ll see from the classes timetable above on the Classes page of my website, we’re still outdoors this week at Paties Road Recreation Grounds for our Wed & Fri morning & Tue & Thurs evening classes.

Because of the new Government restrictions, we’ll still be outdoors next week at least too.

There’s no indoor exercise at the moment.

The Scottish Government website says that we can only exercise as a group outdoors and in a group of up to 30 people.

We still aren’t allowed in to Craiglockhart or Dreghorn Loan church halls. When we are, I’ll let you know.

We have been so lucky with the weather since we started our outdoor classes (having just cancelled one class in all those weeks). 

The weather’s to be dry this week – yesss, phew, just as well 😊

Actually, last Tuesday evening was just lovely, it was dry and at around 7pm, we were in that ‘between light and dark’ phase of clear still sky.

We were on the flatter part of the grass too, (ie further up on the left) and from 7 – 7.15pm, had the lights from the tennis courts so it was just perfect.

Many of you told me that you loved that class, the weather, the conditions etc, thank you.

Similarly on Wednesday morning, it was a gorgeous morning, clear, bright, not cold and we worked hard (as we always do) and had lots of fun too.

Thursday was a gorgeous day until around 4.45pm when it started to rain ☔ for about 20 minutes.  I emailed everyone saying the class was still on though because the rain went off.

Thanks to everyone who joined us, it was a small but select class and although we didn’t roll our mats out on the grass, we still used them rolled up.

A comment from CN on Fri after our Thursday fitness yoga class:

“Loved last night’s class.  I wasn’t that cold and the way that you got us using the mat was ingenious” 😊

Thanks very much for the great comment, I’m glad that you enjoyed the class Claire 🙏

Would you have believed the gorgeous October weather that we enjoyed on Friday morning for our fitness yoga class?  It was a lot better than a lot of our “summer” days. 

It was a great class, the sun was out and lovely to feel the warmth of the sun too, there was hardly a cloud in the sky.

Sunglasses were definitely needed.

Comment about our Friday morning class from JM:

“Brilliant class this morning, thank you”    Thanks very much Jane 😊

Potential indoor news / the plans / the drawing board:

Oh I’m sorry but I’d pinned a lot of hope as you know on moving our usual 2 morning & 2 evening classes into Kingsknowe Golf Club but unfortunately, last Wednesday afternoon, I got a phone call from someone after the Committee had made a decision to say that because no staff are in the building until around 10.30 earliest / 11am, no one is there to open up for us so they can’t accommodate our usual 9.30-10.30am morning classes.

She also said that as from next week, they’ll be following their Winter Hours so will be closed at 5pm each evening so again, no good for our evening classes ☹

After that conversation, I thought ‘that was that’ and then after speaking to a club member, thought there might be a glimmer of hope but I subsequently spoke to the club captain and it turns out that our classes would definitely be a no-goer because of massive/prohibitive costs to me if paying someone to open up/close outwith their open hours. 

It’s absolutely not financially viable.

The room that I’d looked at is sometimes used for other events ie funerals etc so they couldn’t offer it us on a regular basis anyway.

Even if we could move our classes to times when they ARE open (eg 11.30am on a Wed & Fri), they couldn’t guarantee availability and they’re not keen anyway.

So that option is ‘out the window’ ☹

After the news, it was ‘back to the drawing board’ for me.

I’ve said previously, none of the other venues I’ve looked at can accommodate evening classes at all, just mornings as they’re so busy with bookings atm ☹ 😢

Onwards and upwards: I got back in touch with Thistle Padel Club asking if they would be able to take a regular weekly booking on a Wednesday & Friday at 10am (they only rent out ‘on the hour’ and I felt that 9am might be too rushed for some of you to get there) and they would 😀 👍 yessss & woo hoo.

You’ll see the white covered courts

I went down to the Thistle club on Thursday to have a look at how big a court actually is and also try and gauge how cold it might be in the winter with the sides up (all that fresh air).

Courts are classed as an outdoor covered space.

There are 2 courts and they’re split in the middle by a low net which can’t be moved however, if we used it, it wouldn’t matter. 

We could enter on either half of the net, no problem.

It’s big – look right to the back

I’d still see you and you’d see me – it’s not a tall net as you’d imagine but the width of a court.

It is a BIG space.  Much bigger than the room in the golf club, ha.

More air flow meaning it would be cold when the weather changes in the next few weeks.

Parking still in the Paties Road car park (or overflow car park further round) or Elliot Road or on Paties Road.

When we can, and when thinking of moving from our outdoor, uncovered space at Paties Road Recreation Grounds, a Thistle Padel Court may probably/potentially be healthier and better for us though with all that fresh air!  What do you think?

We’d definitely have to dig out ALL those thermals, gloves etc but that’s achievable right?

Not an issue?

They can definitely accommodate us on a regular basis on a Wednesday & Friday morning at 10am but again, as mentioned, they can’t accommodate us on ANY EVENINGS!

Boo hoo ☹ so sorry Tue & Thurs evening class people, I wish it was different.  I tried.

Obviously because of the new Government restrictions, indoor fitness is not going ahead this week or next week at least so it’s still outdoors for us for now anyway.

Another potential venue is still Waterside Social Club but only on a Friday morning.

Inglis Green Road, Longstone, next to Sainsbury’s

No other day or time.  However, it is indoors.  There are 2 doors which can be opened.

It is smaller than a Padel Court though ☹ so can accommodate less people re physical distancing!

If you were keen on this because you’d prefer to be indoors though, LET ME KNOW.

There’d be no groups in before or immediately after us on a Friday morning though 😊

If (?) we went there, there’s parking in Sainsbury’s car park. 

I know some of you are not keen on Waterside Social Club because of our past experience there but that was coz the slimmers (or organisers) didn’t seem to want to leave and they massively encroached on our time!  🤬

As I say, on a Fri am, they won’t be in before/after us.

If we went with this, here’s an idea: get 2 lifestyle ‘jobs’ done on a Friday morning: fitness yoga at 9.30am then do your grocery shopping and you don’t have to move the car!. 

Tick 👍  🧘‍♀️  🛒 

I know a lot of you emailed me back after last week’s info in the newsletter and this is another question / answer / email me back time but please let me know which option you’d rather go with re

1) Wed & Fri 10am morning classes in bigger, fresh air, outdoor/covered classes Thistle Padel OR

2) Fri 9.30am class, smaller floor space but indoors at Waterside.

Thanks very much 🙏

Other places I enquired about:

Craiglockhart Tennis/Badminton indoor courts: I just can’t get in touch with them.  I’ve tried and tried, they’re just not answering the phone – probably no one there coz of new lockdown restrictions so no point just popping along either.

However, I think that as Edinburgh Leisure provide soooo many classes incl Pilates/fitness/yoga, at Craiglockhart Sport Centre, they wouldn’t be keen to rent out any of their space to an outside instructor like me, that’s my thinking but I could be wrong.  I just can’t find out at the mo.

I also heard back from Colinton Castle Squash Courts but they’re not allowing any groups in at the moment (just ‘Baby Dancers’) and that was before the current new restrictions!

So again, at the moment, we’re definitely still outside this week until we hear otherwise.

I’ve looked at the forecast and it looks good, yesss!

Remember that the clocks go back an hour on Sat 24/Sun 25 Oct (next weekend), and it’ll be darker in the evenings.  I’m looking forward to that ‘extra hour’ as I always have sooo much to do but I’ll try and fit it all in to that hour 😊 ha

For the past few years, on the last Wednesday in October, we’ve had a Halloween workout and we bring a medium or big pumpkin to the class and use that in the weight training section of the class. 

So I know it’s a few weeks away – well, actually only 2 weeks on Wednesday – but I’m already looking forward to it.  Not bought my pumpkin yet but will do.

Normally, I ask everyone to ‘dress up’ in a Halloween outfit/top/leggings/witchy hat or mask and we can still do that for some fun – 😊  We need a bit of fun don’t we?

If you have an orangey pumpkin-colour pair of warm leggings or a top (and who doesn’t 😏?), you could wear that or something spooky.  Be creative.

Ha, I’m just thinking off the top of my head now … (oh no, that’ll be dangerous 😊) .. bring a broom (as you do) and use that to jump or lunge)over. 

I’m preparing already.

Well that’s been another LONG newsletter read again, oops but just putting all my thoughts ‘out there’ for you to read and consider.

I hope you had a cup of coffee or tea in hand while reading this.

Let me know how you’re doing and keep in touch/keep me updated thanks 😊

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