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Complementary Fitness 12 Aug news

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Have a look at our Classes where/when page and join us this week to improve your fitness, strength + flexibility.

Most schools are returning this week after the summer holidays and I look forward to seeing you all again in our classes.  After a (hopefully) relaxing holiday, are you ready to ‘get back to it’ again?  Get on board?  Commit and come to as many classes as you can?  I hope so.

I thought I’d go over some shoulder alignment tips with you when we go through some of our yoga sequences and in particular for the upward-facing back extension move/exercise/stretch which is essentially a flow through a triceps push-up done on the mat:

When doing this pose, I do mention correct shoulder alignment ie releasing shoulders away from ears, bent arms in by our sides, on our forearms with elbows back, staying ‘open across the chest’ so as not to round the upper back or rotate our shoulders forward but we can also think about having our hands under our shoulders too.

So… those shoulders – think about our shoulders being ‘back and down’ (as opposed to forward and up) and draw the shoulder blades closer together towards the spine when lifting your upper body up from the floor (lying on your front).

Elbows moving out to the side can sometimes be seen when there is a lack of shoulder stability and strength so best to keep arms tucked in against the sides of the body.

Don’t worry, we’ll go over these points again in class.

Thanks for all the lovely comments about our classes again last week.

After Friday’s 9.30am fitness yoga class, someone told me that she felt much better, more relaxed, stretched out and ‘ready for the day’ which is really great to hear and to acknowledge.  Sometimes, we don’t even realise that before a class (or exercise or a walk) we may feel stressed, rushed etc and that after exercising and stretching, that we feel so much better.  Brilliant and how amazing is that?  More this week.

seated spine twist

Last Tuesday, we were at Ballet Boyz Them/Us show in McEwan Hall and it was amazing and fantastic.  If you like contemporary ballet, I’d recommend it.

Oh and on Saturday, we went to Milk, Morrison St for lunch (and sat outside – yes it was actually sunny on Saturday!) then got tickets at the Half Price Tent for the 1.30pm performance of Cirque Berserk which was in the EICC and the show was brilliant – highly recommend it then went to Hula juice café, Fountainbridge for a peanut butter & banana almond milk smoothie (my fave) then back to the EICC for the 4pm Elements of Freestyle show.  Wow that was probably the best show of all the shows (5) I’ve seen so far. 

Thanks for these Fringe recommendations from you:

Free Fringe Music from 3-25 Aug at the National Museum of Scotland, Chamber Street from 14.05 – 14.50 and the performances are different every day

‘My Land’ on Assembly Rooms, Geo St at 7.30pm and

‘Backbone’ which I still haven’t seen yet but would like to and on at 5pm Underbelly.

Personal development quotes you might like:

Practice the pause: ‘Pause before judging, pause before assuming, pause before accusing, pause whenever you’re about to react harshly and you’ll avoid doing and saying things you’ll later regret’ – Lori Deschene.

‘Sometimes the only way to figure out what is really important is to get rid of everything that isn’t’.

Occasionally I’ve mentioned decluttering and a few weeks ago, came across another way of decluttering which was getting rid of 1 item on day 1, 2 items on day 2, 3 items on day 3 etc etc up to day 30.  Ok I started this and found it ok until I got to the end of the first week and had a bag of 28 items to go out to charity.  Then I thought: hmm what 8 things can I get rid of today and then, as it always does, life got in the way, I became less committed/focussed and quite frankly, was busy doing other stuff so I kind of gave this up. 

However, I keep coming across decluttering articles, books etc so it’s on my radar again and I must be getting the message.

I also like this decluttering quote entitled ‘Live minimally’ and it’s sooo true:

‘Clutter has a way of sucking the energy right out of you and replacing it with feelings of chaos.  Clutter is an often unrecognized source of stress that prompts feelings of anxiety, frustration, distraction and even guilt so give your home and office a clutter makeover, purging it of the excess papers, files, knick-knacks and other ‘stuff’ that not only takes up space in your physical environment, but also in your mind’. 

I’d like to hear from you so please give me more feedback about our classes, how you’re getting on generally and with your fitness, diet and lifestyle (incl mind, body, meditation etc). 

Please also let me know if you want to share any interesting articles, tips or info with the rest of us here, thanks.

I look forward to seeing you this week for more fitness, fun, exercise/stretch options & variations while we’re working towards improving our flexibility, strength, posture and balance too.  See you soon.