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Complementary Fitness 11 July Newsletter

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Woo hoo, WE’RE BACK yessss.


I can’t wait to see you and work out with you in all of our classes this week and I hope that you’ll join us although I realise that some of you are on holiday this week and if so, have an amazing holiday and I look forward to seeing you when you’re back.


What did you get up to and what did you do last week?


We had an amazing, fantastic, hot, sunny, but sometimes cloudy and warm exercise-filled week in Club La Santa.

It had been 2½ years since we were last there and we were sooo looking forward to it – ha, I think you may have known that coz I was super-excited.


On the CLaS app, I racked up a lot of hours of classes & activities on my ‘Diploma’.

It had been a really early flight on Fri 1/7 so didn’t do any classes that day, just relaxed & settled in and went for a walk to La Santa village itself (about 25 mins walk away).

Classes & sports that I did while there this time:

Sat 2/7: Barefoot fitness, Dance, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) for beginners (just 1/2hr), Ultimate Abs then Stretch & Relax so 4 classes & SUP.


Sunday’s 5 classes were: Fitness Pilates, Hatha yoga, fitness Boxing, Mobility then Body Combat (love, love, love Combat and it’s soooo fast)


Mon another 5 with.. Body Balance, Yoga Flow, Ultimate Abs (just 1/2hr), Stretch & Relax then Ballroom Fitness (💕).


Took it easier on Tue with Mobility, Body Combat, Barefoot Fitness then had a fab massage.


Wed: Body Balance, Yoga Flow, Ultimate Abs then Stretch & Relax class then went to the Spa.


Thurs was our last full day & ‘just did’: Mobility, Body Combat, Stretch & Relax then went to the Spa again.

Phew.  I definitely did more than the recommended 150 minutes of exercise that week!!!

Ok it wasn’t all exercise.  As I say, I went to the spa a couple of times (pool, jacuzzi, water fountains) and had a great back, neck & shoulders massage.

We did some relaxing, sunbathing and lots of eating and walking into La Santa village & back to restaurants & a café too.


Oh a heads-up about parking for our Tuesday 7.30pm class tomorrow evening 12 July coz there’s a jazz concert on in the church at the same time and I assume that the street will be busy with parked cars.

Great if you can walk there or park in another nearby street if you find it difficult to park in Craiglockhart Drive North.


Advance notice that as from Tuesday 19 July, (ie next week onwards),

class prices will increase to £6 per class. 

You can still

  • pay cash (I’ve always got change),
  • pay directly into my bank account (I can give you my sort code & a/c number)
  • or use the SumUp card machine.


‘On a different note’  ha, see what I did here re £ notes & jazz notes………


Just to let you know that Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival is on 15-24 July and you can get tickets & info at


The Fringe is also back this year from 5-29 August and it’s the 75th anniversary and info and tickets at


Looking forward to seeing you & working out with you this week.

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