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Complementary Fitness 11 Jan news

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Firstly, thanks for joining our online Zoom classes last week – it was great to see you and/or catch up with you online.

Last Tuesday was some day! 

After hearing the new lockdown news late on Monday night and listening to it on Tuesday morning, it took me all day to change my website to reflect the class changes, to email everyone and reply, to set up new live online Zoom classes for 10am on Wed & Fri & send out links at least initially for Wednesday to those interested in attending & then for Friday.  I then recorded my Tuesday Fitness Pilates class and sent the link to everyone that wanted to join the class.  I also updated & changed my Complementary Fitness Facebook page too!  Phew.  All worth it though as it’s good to keep going and good to stay connected to each other.

I thought I’d re-post a stretch & relaxation video I recorded in May last year.  The video is about 22 minutes in length and consists of stretches to improve flexibility & lots of relaxation.  Exercise along with me at any time of the day to ease yourself into the start of your day or do these stretches in the evening to hopefully help you relax & sleep well. 

Click on either link & enjoy.

(371) Stretch and relaxation 1 – YouTube

I’m always looking out for info, articles etc to put into our weekly newsletters & thought you’d be interested to read this A Vogel article.  It has loads of great advice on how to recover from a workout!  Some of you told me that getting back into exercise & classes after the festive break, that your muscles were a bit sore after the Tue or Wed class last week so you’ll love the info here about DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) & what to do to help recover.

The article talks about muscle growth, flexibility, nutrition in terms of pre & post exercise, drinking water to stay hydrated, cooling down, stretching, hot v cold water for recovery & also about motivating music to help during a workout and relaxing music to help relax & recover after a workout.  It’s well worth a read.

How to recover from a workout (

In fact, there are sooo many great articles on exercise, general health, nutrition on the Vogel website so have a look through.

We’re always talking about ‘core strengthening’ and I also found this article that might explain more.  You’ll also learn which muscles are involved in core strengthening.  You’ll see pictures & videos of exercises to strengthen core muscles and … guess what? … they’re all exercises we do in classes and videos: planks, ab crunches, shoulder bridge, ‘superman/superwoman stretch’ & Russian twist, yesss.  We’re on track.

What is a core workout? (

I mentioned last week, and as you’ll probably have read/heard, it’s Veganuary this month.  If you’re thinking of replacing some meals with veggie/vegan ones or want to find out what to buy, what to cook, what to eat for breakfasts, lunches & dinners, there’s another article here with loads of info:

A Grocery List & Meal Plan To Tackle A Week Of Vegan Eating (

Would you like me to include an article that you’ve read or something that you think would be of interest or beneficial to others in our classes?  If so, please pass on any nuggets of wisdom, even if it’s a quote – I love quotes which are so inspirational and motivating.

I look forward to seeing you and working out with you this week.

Onwards & upwards in 2021. 

Let’s stay as positive as we can & support and encourage each other as always.

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Susan x