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Complementary Fitness 11 Dec News

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Join our Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & resistance/weights classes in Craiglockhart & Colinton, Edinburgh
to help you improve your fitness, strength, stamina, core, posture and flexibility
All class details and times are on the Classes page of my website.

Did you know that –
This is our last week of classes and I hope that you’ll join us as all classes are ON.
We finish up on Friday 15 Dec and start back on Tue 9 Jan so put the date in your phone/diary etc.

Reminder re our ‘Pilates by Candlelight’ classes this week on Tue 12 & Thurs 14 December – so bring a tea light/candle, your mat, water and a cozy sweatshirt or jacket and at the end of the class, we’ll put the lights off, light our candles and stretch to some lovely relaxing music.

Pilates + yoga by candlelight

Reminder also to join us for tea/coffee and cake on Friday 15 Dec after this Friday’s class when we’ll head down to The Swing (in Colinton Parish Church, Dell Road). Even if you can’t come to the class that morning, you can still join us for coffee in The Swing about 10.45 am on 15th.

I must get myself a new phone (or ask Santa for an updated one!). I’ve had an iphone 5C for years (the 6 was just out at the time and now 7 or 8 or ? is out now!!) but mine doesn’t seem to have much ‘memory’ on it!! I was doing a little Fitness Yoga sequence for you and it suddenly stopped filming!! You’ll see what I mean coz the rotation stretch should be done on ‘the other side’ too so keep that in mind and don’t suddenly stop like I seemed to!

I’ve read that yoga offers anti-ageing benefits and some mood boosting ones too. Researchers found that older adults who took part in yoga sessions showed improved memory and focus. Another US study showed it increased levels of GABA, the anti-anxiety neurotransmitter. What’s not to love about stretching, flexibility, strength and all the benefits?

Exercise stimulates your pituitary gland and hypothalamus to release endorphins which in turn provides you with the feeling of happiness – I always feel better when I’ve exercised, what about you?

Being active boosts energy and self esteem and regular exercise can improve your memory, concentration and creativity.

Quote: “all you can change is yourself but sometimes that changes everything” – Gary Goldstein

I found this recipe for a ‘nutella’ milkshake and thought I’d share it with you and it’s great if you’ve got a blender or nutribullet to blend up all the ingredients. I like to soak nuts for a few hours to release enzyme inhibitors so luckily, had pre-soaked the hazelnuts the previous day but you don’t have to. So blend together 2 fresh (or frozen) bananas, 6-9 dates, 1-2T cacao (or cocoa) powder, ¼ cup hazelnuts and 1 cup water (or non dairy milk ie hazelnut or almond or dairy if you want).

This is enough for 2 people (or 1 very large glass/hungry person) and would be great as a pre or post exercise drink too. Oh also, if you want to make it for the kids or have it later at night and without the caffeine, use carob powder instead of cocoa or cacao. I buy organic carob powder from Real Foods.

Last Tuesday, someone left a water bottle after our class so I took it home. If you left your water bottle, let me know and I’ll bring it back on Tuesday with fresh water in it for you.

Here’s my alternative Letter to Santa: ‘Dear Santa, this year I’d like a slim body and a fat bank account – please don’t mix them up’

I hope that you’ll join us again this week and I look forward to seeing you for more pre-Christmas fitness, challenges and fun.

Contact me by email: (type: ‘Pilates/Yoga or Fitness’ in the heading thanks).