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Complementary Fitness 10 Aug News inc outdoor classes updates

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Schools in Scotland go back this week; are the kids excited to get back and see their friends again? 

Are you happy to get some kind of normal back and give the home schooling responsibilities back to teachers? 

I’m sure if you have kids at home, it’s been hard juggling your time, trying to keep on top of and up to date with school, home/garden, exercise and work too.

News re Outdoor classes.

and here’s a short video about our exciting news:

Firstly, I know of many instructors who are now teaching outdoor classes which is good to know.

Thanks very much to everyone who emailed me back last week with the answers to the questions I asked re your class preferences. 

Everyone (99%) are happy with outdoor, fresh air classes to begin with and the preference is for the just-turn-up option which is great. 

The area we used before, and plan to again, at Paties Road Recreation Grounds is a big-enough, open air space to accommodate us.

this is where we’ll be

I’ll keep an eye on weather forecasts but we’re planning on stating our first outdoor class next Tuesday 18 August.

Most people who used to come to evening classes, have asked for an early class time after 6pm.  

I can’t wait to see you and exercise with you again and the plan, weather-permitting, is….

EVENING CLASSES: let’s aim to start at 6.15pm next Tuesday 18 Aug and also on Thurs 20 Aug 6.15pm

If you can pop along 5/10 mins earlier, I’ll be there at around 6pm/6.05pm to welcome you back, set up my class speaker so we can have some music (it won’t be too loud though and we’ll respect noise levels for neighbours).

MORNING CLASSES: starting Wednesday 19 Aug at 9.30am and also Fri 21 Aug, 9.30am (again, I’ll be there a wee bit earlier, around 9.20am ish).

Q: What if the weather’s to be awful with lots of rain in our classes/sessions:?

A: Well, I’ll keep an eye on the weather forecasts for all planned sessions.  Everyone who replied said they’re flexible and happy to change if we need to.  As I say, I’ll have a look on the BBC weather app and email you in advance IF we need to change our plans.  That would be the case if it was to be pouring rain one morning/evening and nicer and drier another day that week, then we could change and adapt.  If you don’t hear from me, we’ll go ahead as planned.

Most of you have said you’re adaptable and flexible but I understand if you have already made plans and can’t change.  We’ll go with the flow.  Phew, I hope that’s not too long-winded and it makes sense to you.

Planned class days & times are already on my website but changes will be reflected there too.  I’d also send out ‘change of plan’ emails when necessary.

I hope that you’re on my general email list too.

Our Scottish weather – even in the summer – makes it difficult as you know to plan things.

Someone asked me about payment for classes, ie dealing with cash and I’ve been thinking about this. 

I think the last time I actually paid with cash for something was way back in February or March and as you know, supermarkets etc prefer contactless or card payments rather than cash. 

I’m happy if you still want to pay with cash but like me, you probably don’t have any fivers lying about.  It’s not even easy to get a £I0 note from the ATM so if you want to, you could consider paying for 2 or 4 classes up front if paying by cash and keep a note of the classes that you attend. 

I’m also happy to give you my bank sort code and account number to pay for classes.  If that’s better for you, when you know you’re definitely attending a class, just transfer the £5 to my account – easy done then you’ll always have my details and the transfer will be easier the next time.

To do this, I can give you my details when I see you for your 1st class or send my details in a private message or email which will be safer than putting my details ‘out there’ online.

Other things to think about:

  • We’ll start off easy-ish, and re-build our fitness, strength & flexibility over time.  We don’t need to go all-out or for 100% when we start back but as always, do what we can.  We’ll adapt, take easier (than we used to, prior to lockdown) options, eg if we do The Plank, rather than full plank, do a modified version on your forearms and/or knees. 
  • Bring your mat, and water, wear your trainers and maybe a long sleeve top or lightweight jacket.  If sunny, bring your sunnies and put sunscreen on (ever hopeful).
  • Update me in advance (if you haven’t already) with any health or related issues and obviously (goes without saying, but …) none of us would come along to a class if we felt unwell in any way right?
  • Walking or parking: last year when we used Paties Road grounds, some of us parked at the bottom of Elliot Road or in the Thistle tennis courts car park. 
  • The address of Paties Road Recreation Grounds is Katesmill Road, EH14 1JF – do you know where it is?  Detailed directions from Colinton & Craiglockhart below…
  • Payment – as above either £5 cash (I have very limited change/coins though to give change and I’d probably only build up a reserve of 5s when I get fivers from you) or for a few classes in advance if you only have a £10 or £20 note (I’ll try & take a note if you pay in advance for multiple classes but keep a note yourself & remind me too) or transfer payment into my bank account as I suggested above.

Directions to Paties Road Rec Grounds from 1) Craiglockhart and from 2) Colinton Road:

1) from Craiglockhart church, drive or walk towards the main road (Craiglockhart Ave) and go straight over onto Craiglockhart Drive South and keep going and when you come to the stone built gatehouse, then turn up sharp left (still on Craiglockhart Drive South)  It’s kind of a narrow street with woods on the left, houses on the right but just keep going until you come to the open recreation grounds on the right side – that’s it, that’s where we’ll be in there next to the trees.


if coming from Craiglockhart, passing the Rec Grounds on the right, continue driving until you get to foodball pitch (on the right) and try and get a space in there OR continue and park at the Squash Sports Club.  There’s also parking in Elliot Road too (turn up Paties Rd and Elliot Rd is first left).

2) If coming from Colinton Road, turn down Paties Road which is first left past Merchiston School and opposite Redford Barracks.  The recreation grounds are straight ahead of you at the bottom of Paties Road and we’ll in the grounds next to the trees.

Parking: possibly park in Elliot Road if you can which, if coming from Colinton, is down Paties Rd, and the last opening on the right.

I hope the directions are not too complicated and that they make sense but let me know if you’re unsure.

Still no news re indoor classes and I’m sure that churches will have a lot to think, lots of planning & prep before they can give the go-ahead to us as hall users. 

When I find out, I’ll let you know though. 

Indoor gyms are set to re-open from 14 Sept so hopefully, it won’t be too long now.

I like this quote and thought I’d share it with you:

‘Good decisions come from experience.  Experience comes from making bad decisions’ – Mark Twain

Change of subject: I love porridge and the other day, added defrosted cherries, pre-soaked & rinsed Brazil and walnuts (easier to digest when pre-soaked) and some hemp seeds & bee pollen on top.  Was it delicious and filling?  Oh yeahhh.

Here’s a photo of another 3 IG posts I added last week.  More to follow this week on my IG account.

Take care and I hope that you have a great day/week.  See you next week hopefully though.

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