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Thank you for joining our online Zoom classes last week, especially as they were still live or recorded on my phone and on Friday, when I had to switch from laptop back to my phone at the very last minute, phew.  

All should be ‘back to normal’ this week as I’ve got my laptop back 😁

I’m hoping that we’ll hear soon when we can get back to outdoor classes and when that’s possible, I’ll book up the Padel Court again.  Online classes are fine at the moment and actually great for those who have moved further away and are currently joining our online classes.  However, I really miss us all being together, miss seeing you ‘properly’ in person so ‘bring it on’ soon please, especially as the weather is improving.

I got some more lovely comments from you last week and one or two said that you liked the slower pace of our recent fitness Pilates/yoga classes, good to know, thank you.

I love reading through health magazines and read an article about breakfast: why have breakfast, what to drink if you’re not a breakfast person, why have a balanced breakfast and what you can add to boost breakfast nutrition.

The article says that one of the reasons to have breakfast is to get our metabolism going because we’ve been fasting overnight.  We need to start our metabolism so that we can burn calories throughout the day.  If we don’t have breakfast, then we might feel that we’re low in energy and find it difficult to focus.  When we start off our day with a healthy meal, it brings our blood sugar into a steady state. 

As you know there’s a lot of talk about intermittent fasting where we don’t eat anything after dinner until breakfast the following day and we can have anywhere from 12-16 hours of non-eating/fasting and have a window of 8-12 hours to consume our daily intake of calories, food & nutrition. 

Anyway, back to breakfast or not: if you don’t feel hungry in the morning, you can kickstart your by drinking lemon water which is just as it says: hot water with fresh lemon squeezed in which is a refreshing way to start off your morning or opt for a herbal tea.

You could also choose to have a healthy smoothie which is easy to make, drink & it’s also very satisfying and depending on what you add to it, it’ll fill you up until lunchtime.

If I’m having a smoothie, I’ll sometimes add some a handful of porridge oats in it as well as a nut butter & usually banana (as you’ll know, I love a PB/banana combo).  I also like to add a scoop of protein powder, some ground cinnamon (helps stabilize blood sugar), some seeds as well as ‘superfoods’ ie ½ tsp spirulina (yep, I actually love spirulina in a smoothie as it gives me protein & lots of energy), maybe some goji berries so all-in-all, easy to prep, drink & full of protein, healthy carbs & fats.

Other than that, porridge or overnight oats is a great way to start off your day and oats are packed with beta-glucans (which help boost the immune system), fibre and complex carbs.  A lighter option might be a probiotic dairy or non-dairy yoghurt with berries, nuts & seeds sprinkles on the top, mmm.

In any case, we’re advised to reduce our intake of refined, white or processed foods or foods that are high in unhealthy fats.  Starting off with some protein is good so an omelette with some veggies is also a great idea.

I hope that you’ll join our recorded Tue & Thursday and/or Wed & Fri 10am live classes on Zoom this week.  Let me know & I’ll send you joining codes if you don’t already have them.

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